Clare VS Raiden (Metal Gear)

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@ReiKai: you dont expect to match a really hard sword against a high frequency sword right? raiden doesnt have great AOE but since when that matters on an swordman? he can cut pretty much anything that gets on his path. and show me a single strenght feat from clare that outclasses raiden?

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so who won this fight?

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@SMXLR8: Batman stomps. Duh.

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based on their profiles, raiden wins. but you cant always go with profiles. but from what i do know, raiden's feats look more impressive. Can someone post clare's feats

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@othus12: It's not about strength, it's about ability. Clare outmatches Raiden. A High-frequency blade does not make it better than the claymores as used by the Organizations Human/Yoma warriors. People used to believe a lightsaber could cut through anything, right up until it met something it couldn't.
A HF blade can be stopped by another of equal frequency or by a substance denser and/or stronger than its ability to affect. We've actually seen techniques used in Claymore reminisce of HF weapons, such as Ophelia's Rippling Sword technique, where Ophelia vibrates her sword arm so quickly the blade appears to blur into ripples, enabling sharp snake-like strikes that whip past anothers guard quite easily, and Clare's first encounter with this had her utterly defeated. However it was effortlessly defeated by Elena's Quicksword technique, which was even faster.
We've also seen that regardless of how fast the blade was moving, it couldn't cut nor scratch another claymore. Which only further provides evidence of the unique materials and make up of these swords. As far as ever been indicated in the series, they are completely indestructible. Which makes Raiden's HF-blade utterly useless.
Also, I've not seen any reason why Clare can't transform here. Even claiming that "speed is equal", it won't matter when Raiden has but one weapon to use, and Clare has dozens. He can only stop one blade, not all of them.
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