Charizard vs. Wolverine & The Thing

Topic started by StargunZX on July 31, 2011. Last post by PikminMania 3 years, 4 months ago.
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I suppose since Wolvy and Thing are a duo, that Charizard could have some backup... I SEND IN MEWTWO!!!!!!! >8U

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spite in those comic guys favor.

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@Newdeath said:

@CakeSauce: Nothing Charizard can do is getting through Thing's skin. Even Champion needed a while to merely break the guy's ribs. And then there's Wolverine with his insane healing factor. Either the team wins or nobody does because Charizard can remain airborne and avoid all attacks but his attacks won't work.


Even then the thing could throw wolvy at him. Charizard is best off running for his life.

Actually Thing can just jump, catch Charizard, and then bring him to the ground.

Team 2 stomps

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