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 Character A and Character B are manga characters.
Character A is 100x faster then a peak human.
Character B can lift 100x more then a peak human.
They both have the same level of super human durability.
 They have the same mass and everything else
Fight 1
they are exchanging punch for punch.
First character A punches character B, then B punches A.
Fight 2
Real fight
Who wins?
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Depends. What are their base speed, strength and durability.
Well, if we assume that even 1 normal punch can hurt then Char B is overwhelmed before he could react. If only hundreds of punches are enough for considerable damage then it's roughly a tie.
Fight 2 is more reasonable. Depending on the starting distance and the mentioned base stats, Char B can take out A with a thunderclap. Otherwise if Char A is serious it obviously shifts in his favor.
In comics though speedsters are often subjects to CIS(arrogance) and PIS thus the bulky and strong characters could hit them. If you wonder, speed is the more important factor in battle.
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Character A's punches would hurt more, going by F=Ma, of course assuming both know how to throw a punch equally well.
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I think it depends.
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@DragonBallZFan said:
" I think it depends. "
about what?
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character A imo. he other guy's powers are cool but he'd never tag the other one. average top speed of  a man is around 15 mph for very brief periods, average bench lift is around 150 lbs. 150x 100 = 15,000 lbs, or 7 1/2 tons. 15 mph x 100 = 1500 mph or around mach 2. The difference is too great. Not only could a the strong guy not be able to his the fast guy (because his speed is average human) but at those speed, the fast guy's attacks and punches would literally have more impact than the strong guys. And sine character B's durability is the same and not greater as you would expect with a strong character, he's got nothing on character A. of course peak levels are different. peak human benches around 800 lbs (x 100 = 40 tons) and peak human can run around 30-35 mph (x 100 = around mach 4). but it would be the same outcome. without durability, strong characters could never best fast ones. They need to be able to take many hits from the fast character to eventually figure a way to tag the fast char just once and they would be ko'ed, but durability is the same so character B stands no chance.
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