Char Aznable Takes on His Clones

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Char's had enough of the knockoffs who keep using his image for the various Gundam spinoffs and he's out for blood. He will engage in a five-man battle royal with his fellow clones to decide who is truly the best of them all. Here are the Char Clones (and the original) competing in this fun little match and their mobile suits for this battle.

-Char Aznable- Sazabi (Char's Counterattack)

-Schwartz Bruder- Gundam Spiegel (G Gundam)

-Zechs Marquise- Gundam Epyon (Gundam Wing)

-Rau de Creuset- Providence Gundam (Gundam SEED)

-Graham Aker- Susanowo (Gundam 00)

Who do you think would win this battle of the clones? :P

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As much as I want original Char to win (and I really do), Graham Aker might just blitz them all with his trans arm system.

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I think Char could take Schwartz and Rau. Schwartz is in my opinion the weakest here with his Gundam Spiegal. Then it's probably Providence Gundam and Rau.

I'm not too sure about Zechs and Epyon and in particular how effective the zero system is. If it really does let you see all possible futures then he might have an edge over Char and personally I think he could take Char.

Graham is also pretty powerful and Susanowo with Trans-Am could probably defeat Char.

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A mask does not a Char clone make.  That's all I have to add.
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@Turambar: This is true. Arguably Master Asia was the Char Clone in G Gundam and then there're Full Frontal from Unicorn as well. Zechs is a Char Clone but I'm not too sure Graham was seeing as he never wanted to blow up the world.

Post by hitsusatsu11 (10,747 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Zechs, epyon is to durable and has the zero system
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