Cell vs Dabura

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Cell in his Super-Perfect form vs Dabura the Demon King. The battle takes place in Dabura's demon world. Who takes it?

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Cell Super Perfect STOMP!

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I always leant towards Cell being stronger but i hink i will chance my vote to Dabura. Cell had trouble dealing with a wounded SSJ2 Gohan. It is true that Dabura fought a worn down depowered SSJ2 Gohan but Vegeta told Goku:

*Goku* Just give him some time, its not that he's completely lost just yet why not let him fight he's hanging in there.

*Vegeta* Dabura is toying with him you know that!

Dabura also said to Gohan that his powerlvl is slipping and that it was almost over, Dabura then looked away and Gohan sucker punched him but Dabura brought out his sword and began chasing Gohan. Gohan then broke his sword but was visible tired while Dabura only looked a little anoyed that his sword was broken. Couple that with Vegeta's remark that Dabura was holding some of his power back i think Dabura would take Cell down but i don't think it would be that easy considering Cell having all the fighting capabilities of every Z-Warrior and their abilities+regeneration but, Dabura has his Stone Spit and his Spear+Sword.

I don't know what kind of effect it would have for Dabura to fight on his home turf, i don't remember any person fighting better if the location is changed, perhaps Yakon would be the exception.

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@niBBit: I think you're giving Dabura too much credit. He is Perfect Cell level sure, but he isn't Super Perfect Cell level at all. His power doesn't rival that of a SSJ2.

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@SpeedForceSpider: He is SSJ2 tier for sure. Gohan may have been depowered but he still was a SSJ2 in that battle. Gohan got him a few times sure but like i said Dabura wasn't going all-out himself. As you may already know the artwork was messed up sometimes, dispite Gohan not having an electric aura like a SSJ2 has he still was an SSJ2 witch is clearly visible when you see the different hair styles.

This also is visible in 2'nd the Broly movie. People always say that Goku was an SSJ2 but looking at facial and hair differences Goku was an SSJ and an electric aura isn't always present like some moments in the the Majin Vegeta vs Goku battle dispte they where both clearly SSJ2.

SPC did had some struggle against Gohan for sure. Watching the episode again Cell didn't had it easy. Gohan also wasn't at maximum strenght. Gohan when facing Dabura is alot weaker than Gohan from the Cell games for sure but, couple that with that Dabura performed a little better in the battle and the statement from Vegeta that Dabura was holding back i say that Dabura has a chance of winning here and i believe if either of them where to battle that it won't be an easy victory.

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This battle has been done before please use the search function.
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