Cell vs Buu (read OP before commenting)

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@DBZ_universe: Actually the part about Mr. Satan defeating Buu is partially true. With out him the Earth may have never raised their hands to give their energies to defeat Buu:)

That is true. However, if Goku wasn't a retard. Fat Buu would have died there and then. And if Chi Chi wasn't a mega bitch. Gohan would have continued training and easily defeated Buu. :P

LOL those are all true points:)

DBZ plot holes #241564 and #534684

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didnt cell learn instant tranmission when he was killed on king kais world. i think he learned that by seeing goku do it or something.anyway buu wins al the wat forget about the power difference look at buus magic he can turn cell into a cinimon bun and thats the last we will hear of cell.

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@axavierhansz: Because the Cell is still an android himself. He needs them the complete his evolution. Your the one that's wrong. That is a question you need to ask the creator himself because you made it clear you have no idea what your saying. I said powers not energy and why did you bring up the androids? Cell absorbed the people in the cities energy. Get a clue.

First, whether or not he is an android has no relevance to whether or not his absorption allows him to gain the abilities of his victims. The creator of Dragon Ball talked to you and said I have no idea what I'm saying? When did this happen? Show me this conversation.

You did say powers not energy. However you also said that Cell absorbs powers but not techniques. What powers did you mean then?

Also, the fact that Cell needs to absorb the androids to complete his evolution is evidence that he incorporates the androids into his being. This does not mean that Cell gains their techniques but it is known that Cell can use the techniques of anyone whose cells are a part of his being without having seen them beforehand. Again, it's not definitive proof, but it strongly suggests that Cell can gain new techniques by absorbing.

Last of all Cell did absorb the energy of the humans. In my previous post I acknowledged that I needed to revise my OP and I stated that I have. The edited OP now specifies that Cell uses the same absorption that he used on the androids. This type of absorption is shown to completely incorporate the victims into Cell's body. I realized that I didn't specify the type of absorption earlier and I credited you for pointing out that flaw in my OP. However, I have since addressed that point and your statement that "Cell absorbed the people in the cities energy" is now completely irrelevant. Perhaps if you actually read my posts you would be able to come up with good responses.

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@axavierhansz: Actually I am mortified and stupefied by your post. It makes zero sense so I ignored you.

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