Cell and Bojack VS Thor and Beta Ray Bill

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You do realize that cutting something is far easier than smashing it, correct? And cutting someone with supposed planet-level durability isn't the same as smashing a person through a planet so hard the planet is destroyed. It takes far more considerable force to do such a thing, something DBZ'ers still lack. The kind of strength needed for such a feat goes beyond them. Also, simply because Freeza withstood Namek exploding, doesn't mean the rest of the cast can. You forget he's an Alien, an Alien whose race can specifically exist in space unaided without an atmosphere to breathe in.
While I do think that DBZ'ers should and do have the ability to withstand planet-busters, due to their ki acting like a shield, it still does not mean Trunks is pulling out planet-cutting slashes with his sword. Put it this way. You can easily break a balloon with a nail or needle or anything sharp really without much effort. It takes much more than that to pop it between your hands or crush it.
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@ReiKai: Right, Freeza had a planet explode in his face, yet it failed to destroy him, yet a sword slash cam cut him up? Do you realize what kind of power would have to be in that sword slash? The balloon analogy is not correct because here we are dealing with someone who literally took the vast powerful explosion, the heat, pressure, force wave, ect of a planet blowing up. (while half dead) To say that same person (after an upgrade no less) can be cut in two by someone who does not have the capability of producing attacks as powerful in magnitude as said planet explosion is not correct.  
But very well, we shall say that the sword gives Trunks a mechanical advantage, such that he does not need the full force of a planet being destroyed to equal that damage (due to it being delivered by essentially a sharp wedge) what kind of power would be needed then to cut up someone with planet durability? Use your balloon analogy, how much harder do you have to squeeze a balloon than prick it with a needle in order to dish out the same damage? I'll be extremely generous and say you need to squeeze it 100 times as hard as you need to prick it to cause the same damage. Now this would give Trunks the magnitude of force of destroying 1/100 of planet namek via power of sword slash (this however implies a full health Freeza can only just take nameks explosion, we know of course he took it while already cut in two and dieing, and of course uses the inflated ratio of pin prick being 100 x the mechanical advantage of squeezing. This also assumes that Trunks could only kill Freeza with his sword, I believe he could have simply punched him and killed him just as easily, in fact he killed Freeza's near equally as powerful and durable father King Kold with a casual ki blast) This however still suggests that DBZ characters 100x more powerful than pre-ROSAT Trunks would have the magnitude of force equal to that of Nameks explosion in their physical blows. This may or may not include Cell, but certainly the later characters. 
Now the above point is mute anyway since a blow by Cell would surely be more powerful in magnitude than a planet destroying ki blast by Freeza, we agree on that at least no? This then indicates to me that a punch from Cell is more destructively powerful than attacks which are confirmed planet busters-think about it, what would hurt Teen Gohan more, a planet destroying  ki blast from Freeza, or a punch from Cell? Of course Cell. This logic then leads me to believe Cells physical blows>>>Freeza's ki blasts>>>>the force necessary to destroy a planet.  
The theory is also confirmed by the scan I showed in which Goku channeled all his power into his fist to kill Piccolo Daimao. Now think about it some more, would Roshi's moonbusting kamehameha hurt Piccolo Daimao? No, of course not. In fact Roshi was powerless and lost to Piccolo's henchmen. Again, indicating punch by DB Goku>>moonbusting ki blast by Roshi. And certainly it simply just makes sense to say punch by Cell>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>moonbusting kamehameha by Roshi, therefore certainly Cell could destroy the moon with blows. Unless you think Gohan should be more worried about Muten Roshi-sama firing up the ol' kamehameha then Cell punching him, in which case i've got a lovely bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
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