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CAV Rules

  1. Be respectful of your opponent
  2. Explain and show why your side would win
  3. Showing Scans is a good way to prove the point you are trying to make
  4. Countering your opponents argument is a great way to turn the tides of a CAV
  5. Every CAV will end in a Vote where others users decide who presented a better case and argument for their side. Voting can only be done when both CAV combatants agree on it.
  6. Have fun and Do your best
  7. Both characters are in character, but any hesitation to killing is removed
  8. Start 30 meters apart


Takeshi Yamamoto (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)(EOS)



Kazuki Muto (Buso Renkin)

Yamamoto's Equipment

  • Shigure Kintoki: A Katana inherited by his father, before his battle for the Rain ring. It is a shinai that transforms into a Katana when the Shigure Soen Style is used.
  • Vongola Rain Ring: Won during the Rain Ring Battle. As part of the Tri-Ni-Set it is classed as S-rank. Yamamoto is capable of bringing out Rain Dying Will Flames from his Ring and use its Tranquility Ability to diffuse other Dying Will Flames. He can also use the heat from the Ring to detect incoming attacks. The Vongola Guardians were later accepted by the First Vongola Boss as the rightful owners of the Vongola Rings and were granted their true Forms.
  • Rain Vongola Box Weapon: Yamamoto has a unique Box Weapon as it in fact two different Animals, one being Jirou the Rain Akita (Akita di Pioggia ver. Vongola) and the other Kojirou the Rain Swallow (Rondine di Pioggia ver. Vongola). Jirou helps Yamamoto wield the three Rain Blades that use Rain Flames to propel Yamamoto in different directions. Kojirou has the power to make Rain infused with the Tranquility Attribute and shower it down on opponents.
  • Location: Rainy Tokyo(Death Note Universe, Light and L are on vacation in the USA)

    @Shadowchaos: Let's get this started :D.

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    @Vapovile: remember to have a little summary in your opener with scans if you two don't know know the other character is

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    @SMXLR8: I know who he is.


    Sunlight Heart Plus (サンライト・ハート プラス Sanraito Hāto Purasu)

    Sunlight Heart permanently evolved into this form shortly after Kazuki's Kakugane resonated with Victor's Black Kakugane and revealed itself to be Black Kakugane III. In this form it has a smaller, sleeker design.

    • Energy Discharge: At first glance, seems inadequate as a lance due to its decreased reach and size. However, Sunlight Heart Plus's true properties reveal themselves as being able to vastly increase its reach and power; responding to Kazuki's willpower to unleash its self-contained energy, disassembling into, and arranging its core components in the most efficient formations. To this extent, it activates its alchemic powers in the same manner as the original Sunlight Heart. Though lacking the cloth, it can generate propulsive forces from the point at the end of the handle (which is shaped like the original Sunlight Heart, though much smaller) which opens to release kinetic energy. It can also fire off blasts of internal energy.


    When Kazuki's Black Kakugane III awoke it transformed him into a Victor giving him glowing white hair (light green in the anime), red eyes, and tanned skin with an outline of the Black Kakugane on his chest. Kazuki was only in Stage 1 of the Victorization which meant he could revert back to his human form. The transformation was usually triggered when Kazuki was angry as it sent him into a beserker rage when he first fought Victor. Afterwards he would normally transform in response to his normal fighting spirit.

    • Energy Drain: A Victor's primary ability is a 'vital body function' which absorbs people's life force; it's possible to kill a person by draining his/her energy. As it is a vital body function, it is impossible to stop or shut off. Because of this however Kazuki is capable of surviving without oxygen as shown when he fought Victor on the moon.
    • Regeneration: The energy drain ability allows Kazuki to heal wounds and regenerate lost limbs almost instantly, having even more vitality than a homunculus.
    • Enhanced Speed & Strength: His speed in this form is greatly increased to the point where he can catch even Victor off guard and almost match his strength.
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    @Shadowchaos: you will for those under rated characters

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    @SMXLR8: I know who Yamamoto is. Granted I didn't finish reading the manga due to losing my place and just giving up then.

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    @Shadowchaos: @Vapovile: so who is going to make the first move and there is no stating distance

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    @SMXLR8: doesn't matter

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    @Shadowchaos: I guess you should since you are online right now

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    @SMXLR8: @Shadowchaos: I will start my post in about 10 minutes. If it's OK with you, would u want to start with strength feats?

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    @SMXLR8: oh alright.

    @Vapovile: Okay so Kazuki transforms and activates energy drain and then launches forward using sunlight heart plus. With energy drain activated Yamamoto won't be able to fight back and will be pierced by Kazuki's lanced for a once hit kill.

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    @Shadowchaos: might want to show some stats first ?

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    that did. It showed speed, strength, durability, and destructive capability.

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    @Shadowchaos: I meant show them first them , boy users are going to have to understand that CAV'S are different then tournament battle , users on vine do it much better. you have to show scan / videos of strength speed , etc , in an organized post , then have have a post say how you think the battle will go down. Trust me if a CAV is chaotic no might not vote for you

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    @SMXLR8: sorry I'm trying to do it quick and I don't have much time to put into posts since I'm working on a paper and have just now gotten to the second page.

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    @Shadowchaos: no don't be sorry just be more organized next time . I have to update the rules so Future CAVS will be clean and not messy

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    @SMXLR8: plus I haven't had much time to read Busou Renkin as I'm still on chapter thirty something. All I have is videos since he doesn't do much stuff notable from what I've gotten to.

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    @Shadowchaos: don't worry that is why CAV'S are great , you can always come back to this as long you remember that is

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    @SMXLR8: yeah once I get time though I can read it in a day. I've read bigger manga in a day so it shouldn't be a problem.

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    @Shadowchaos: Oh my, well it seems like it's my turn.


    Yamamoto's strength can be most accurately depicted through his 2nd battle with the Phantom Knight. During Tsuna's battle with said Knight, he was able to fully tank Tsuna's 30,000 FV blast, which was around 1/6 of the previous 200,000 FV blast that destroyed 3 entire floors of Irie's base, which is ENTIRELY made out of reinforced steel that is resistant to Deathsperation flames, which the X-Burner is entirely made of. The X-Burner not only completely melted all 3 rooms, but it started fires in all 7 blocks surrounding the destroyed blocks. This means that the flames from the X-Burner were able to melt through multiple OTHER blocks, and start fires in all of them.

    200,000 FV X-Burner's destruction
    200,000 FV X-Burner's destruction

    During Tsuna's fight with the Phantom Knight, the Knight was only able to be put down by a 250,000 FV X-Burner, 50,000 more FV than even the previous full-powered X-Burner. The Phantom Knight's defeat by this blast gives us an accurate indication as to his durability compared to Tsuna's massive X-Burner.

    In the next frame, the X-Burner reached it's maximum output of 250,000 FV
    In the next frame, the X-Burner reached it's maximum output of 250,000 FV

    Think we are done with the Phantom Knight's durability? Well think again, because during his fight with Tsuna, the Phantom Knight was only using 50% of his energy because Tsuna's eyes reminded him of Yuni's, and distracted him from his true mission. So now we have to take the established 250,000 FV, multiple reinforced steel room busting durability, and multiply that by 2. That means that the Phantom Knight's true durability would be TWICE Tsuna's full potential at that time, and putting him squarely at 500,000 FV durability, or at least 8 full steel-reinforced rooms to completely cut through his defenses. Here are some scans to prove it.

    Now that the Phantom Knight's TRUE durability is revealed, we can gauge what is needed to bring him down. In the Phantom Knight's second battle with Yamamoto, Yamamoto was casually playing with him the entire time. At the very end, however, Yamamoto managed to defeat the Phantom Knight in one strike with Pouring Rain. This strike leads to the reasoning Pouring Rain>Phantom Knight Durability>>250,000 FV X-Burner. Before anyone jumps to the argument that Pouring Rain had no destructive effect like the X-Burner, remember that precision strikes CAN go through durability if it's concentrated enough. A prime example would be in DBZ, where Freiza was able to shoot a Death Beam straight through Vegeta's heart, even though Vegeta at that time was above planetary level durability. Destructive Capability =/= piercing power.


    Yamamoto's speed is much easier to quantify, since it can be pulled from his battle with the Phantom Knight as well. In the battle, the Phantom Knight split himself into 10 parts, and fired off a barrage of compressed air and missiles. However, Yamamoto was able to not only dodge the attack, but fly straight through it and cover everything with rain flames. Since he was able to dodge both of the attacks multiplied 10 fold, that puts him at a hypersonic speed and reactions. This is also completely discounting his ability to slow down attacks with rain flames, with would make him even faster to his opponent. Please refer to the time stamp 10:20 to 11:36 to see the entire attack, from one Phantom Knight to 10.


    Water Decoy

    Using his rain flame manipulation, Yamamoto is able to project his full body onto a body of water to fool the enemy into thinking it's him. He can do this if there is a supply of water already around, but in this battle's case, there is plenty of water to use. Refer to 1:16 to 1:33 for the example.

    Shigure Soen Ryu: All-In-One

    Yamamoto charges rain flame into his sword, and fires a large beam of said flame at the opponent. While having no destructive power, the flames slow down even hypersonic speed attacks to a few centimeters per second. The flames from this attack can also latch onto an opponent, slowing them down to the same speed as their attack. Please refer to 11:10 to 13:12 for the full attack.

    Attaco di Squallo

    Learned from his mentor and Varia member Squalo, Yamamoto improves the technique by infusing his sword with rain flames when, if clashed with another sword, travel through the opponent's sword and causes a moment of paralysis for the opponent. Since we aren't allowing prep for this fight, Kazuki would have no idea that he would be dealt this paralysis blow before it's too late, and by that point Yamamoto would have delivered another, possibly fatal blow. For an example of the attack, watch 6:45 to 7:30.

    Battle Tactics

    Now that I have given most of Yamamoto's abilities, let me show everyone why Yamamoto would take this match.

    Regarding the Energy Drain, it appears in Kazuki's fight that his opponent's effect by the drain is almost nil, so I don't see why Yamamoto couldn't survive long enough to put him down.

    Once the match starts, Yamamoto would instantly make a water clone to conceal himself from Kazuki. Once Kazuki falls for the illusion and slices the water, Yamamoto would come up from behind Kazuki and attempt to slash him with his sword. Sensing this, Kazuki would instinctively turn around to block the blow, only to be hit by Attaco di Squallo and rendered immobile for a few seconds. During this time, Yamamoto charges up all four of his swords and uses Shigure Soen Ryu: All In One to cover Kazuki in rain flames, reducing his movement speed exponentially. With his movement speed now completely destroyed, Yamamoto would go for the killing blow using Pouring Rain to cut him in half, and then use Peck of the Swallow to slice up the rest of Kazuki into tiny pieces, effectively reducing his body into mush, making Yamamoto the winner. Here is video of Peck of the Swallow, which shows Yamamoto stabbing Phantom Knight multiple times in an instant. 1:50 to 2:00

    Sorry for taking so long, I just wanted to get all my information straight before posting.

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    @Vapovile: don't forget to post scans , video can only go so far for anime with manga

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