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Rules for a CAV

There are standard rules for all CAV's and here they are :

  1. Be respectful of your opponent
  2. Explain and show why your side would win
  3. Showing Scans is a good way to prove the point you are trying to make
  4. Countering your opponents argument is a great way to turn the tides of a CAV
  5. Every CAV will end in a Vote where others users decide who presented a better case and argument for their side. Voting can only be done when both CAV combatants agree on it.
  6. Be Organized
  7. If you have a character that is not used often , having an intro about the character would help the voter understand the character better
  8. Showing stats of a character is a good thing as well
  9. Add battles rules and not just the CAV rules
  10. Have fun and Do your best but carry a big stick

From the The Official CAV Thread


Noriaki Kakyoin (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders)

Kakyoin is a 17-year-old high school student who ventures with Jotaro and the other Stardust Crusaders to Cairo Egypt to kill DIO and save Holly Joestar along with the rest of the world. Kakyoin has the power born to few called a Stand, a astral projection of his inner being, a sorta fighting spirit that stands by him named Hierophant Green, a being invisible to those without the ability of a Stand. Hierophant Green can stretch it's body and move from Kakyion up to 20 meters. Using it's signature attack: Emerald Splash, it fires out a large wave of emeralds with speeds surpassing machine gun fire and large building busting potency. The Stand itself also has sub-relativistic movement speed with bordering faster-than-light-speed reaction time(Read the fight with Tower Gray, a Stand that moved faster than Star Platinum could match up to, another FTL Stand, granted this was early on, however, Star Platinum's stats should be relatively unchanged up to it's fight with The World. Nevertheless Hierophant Green was able to match Tower Gray's speed) Kakyioin himself has peak human durability and average human strength, speed, and endurance. Kakyoin's intelligence is bordering genius level, easily the smartest member of the group (Even smarter than Joseph Joestar as Kakyoin was able to figure out that DIO's ability was to stop time while nobody else, including Joseph was able to figure it out until kakyoin made a final hint).

Zebra (Toriko)

Zebra is the strongest of the 4 heavenly kings, Zebra hunts using his ability to create and manipulate sound waves through his super-humanly powerful voice, resulting in very powerful sound-based attacks and other abilities.

On the battlefield, or even out of it, Zebra's abilities render him almost omnipresent. His incredible hearing and skill with sound manipulation allow him to communicate and project his attacks well beyond the field of his vision, as well as locate and protect allies from afar, as he had done with Komatsu in the Gourmet Pyramid. During the Cooking Fest, Zebra was able to use his abilities to surround the entire audience in personal protective sound bubbles, blasting them off of the island and safely depositing them on the mainland, all without standing or moving from his seat. Further, this massive undertaking did not even drain Zebra's stamina, as he was able to physically dominate a small group of Nitro immediately afterward.


Kazuma (S-Cry-Ed)

Kazuma Torisuna is a native alter user, the original manifestation of Kazuma's "Alter" is an an alloy-type Alter which transforms his right arm into a weapon. After dematerializing the sufficient quantity of matter (typically the mass stored in a small automobile), Kazuma transmutes it briefly into "Alter" energy before reforming it into matter enamelling his right arm. At its first level, Shell Bullet covers Kazuma's right arm with protective metal armor, which is mostly golden in color but with orange and gray sections also, Kazuma's right hand is divided into orange and red plating, with metallic claws for fingernails and creates three red curved fins of metal jutting out from his right shoulder blade that store potential "Alter" energy, each progressively larger as they near his shoulder. The fins break apart & release the potential "Alter" energy that burst outwards to propel Kazuma forward at great speed, increasing the power of his strikes, which Kazuma labels as Bullets, giving them names that represent their power or affect on the opponent. Being able to fly, deliver country level attacks, and move at massively hypersonic speeds in his final form, Kazuma is more than deserving of his fame. Along with the ability to deconstruct matter and thus rid the area of hiding spots, Kazuma is very unpredicatable, willing to sacrifice his own body for the sake of landing a clean blow on to the opponent, Kazuma can als regenerate using his alter ability to deconstruct matter to repair damages not instantly fatal.

Guyver 1 (Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor)

Guyver 1 is one of the 5 Guyver Units designed as an all-purpose environmental suit for the purposes of the Creators (believed to be a group of aliens of different species). Although classified as armor, the G-Unit also changes many aspects of the hosts biological system, including the removal and rearranging of organs. Besides increasing the powers of a human being when he/she wears it (more than when the Creators themselves wore the armor), it also frees them from the will and telepathic commands of the Creators themselves. This led to the naming of "Guyver", which in the Creators language means "Out of Control". The Guyver 1 is armed with a multitude of weapons, with it's only weakness being the control module located on it's forehead. The Guyver can regenerate from almost any injury and is unkillable so long as the control medal is not damaged, with speeds and reflex speed that ranges from 5 to 40 times normal, a top ground speed of up to 250 MPH, and a top air speed of 300 MPH. He has roughly 20-25 ton strength on his base level, and a durability that is derived from a combination of organic and inorganic components that gives it a dexterity of about twenty times that of steel and has the ability to regenerate both armor and host completely from any amount of damage that does not impair the functionality of armors Control Medal, consequently the only way to kill a Guyver is by use of a unit remover or the destruction of the Control Medal. Perhapse the most terrifying attack of the Guyver is it's Megasmasher". This is located under the armored chest panels, which first have to be opened - this is usually done by hand, but specialized tendrils can also fulfill this function if the arms are disabled. Once the chest panels are opened, viscous liquid lenses inflate to full size, bulging out like huge eyes, and charge up; this takes a few seconds, depending on the intensity of the blast, and can also be done with the panels still closed. The blast, when released, accelerates all particles in its path to near light speed. The lenses themselves actually only project energy; the material destructive effect is caused by a relatively faint blast of particles, which however move at such gigantic speed they tear anything and everything apart at a subatomic level. Literally nothing made of matter can survive this effect.


1. No knowledge or prep

2. In character

3. Fighters start 10 meters apart

4. Guyver can transform into Gigantic Guyver but not Exeed


Crocus (Fairy Tail)

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@Kurohige: Hey you 2 for next time you should put info about your character / team in your 1st post ( Intro Post) with some scans of what they can do (if you want)

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Guyver 1: Strength

The armor itself boost the hots' physical abilities 100 fold

A newly activated Guyver easily overpowering and breaking the arms and head of a hyperzoanoid, a superhuman being capable of easily tearing humans and other beast apart

a single punch while in Gigantic form has enough power to eradicate multiple Hyperzoanoid much stronger than the ones previously shown above without even making contact with them

Guyver: Speed

Blitzing two Zoanoids at once

Intercepting a point blank laser fired by another Guyver

Out maneuvering lighting

Guyver: Durability

Guyver is able to take multiple attacks from a hyper zoanoid using high-frequency blades with only minimal scratches

Widthstanding 8,000-10,000 volts of electricity

The Guyver can function with it's skull crushed and brain nearly destroyed

Gigantic form can generate force field blocking attacks from a city level hyperzoanoid

Guyver: Hax/abilities

Using it's gravity orb the Guyver can fly at will also, using sonic busters the Guyver can at full power, produce a sound that does not merely batter or shake the object, but in fact "hone in" on its molecular resonance frequency, causing it to literally disintegrate into a cloud of disparate particles. The great thing about the sonic's, well besides them being invisible and not generating any light is that Guyver's sonic buster can easily fill the entire corridor/room and finally Guyver's sonics as I said (and posted scan's of earlier disintegrate matter at the molecular level so whatever's hit with the blast wave is blown apart instantaneously.

The Megasmasher as stated in my intro is perhaps the Guyver's most potent ability

When using hit's Gigantic form the power multiplies

The Guyver can detect movements via heat and tremor sensing allowing him to monitor entire areas without moving

The Guyver can control gravity, this effect multiplied in Gigantic form (Keep in mind all abilities of the Guyver in Gigantic form are multiplied 1,000 times over)

Using the giga smasher Guyver destroyed a black hole

More to come in the match


Just watch this fight to see all Kazuma has to offer, he was able to lfy into space within a few seconds, the clash between him and Ryuho was enough to cause massive damage (Calced to be country level)

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Online Now
These are some real powerhouses. Looking forward to this.
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@Kurohige: try and use the spoiler bar if you are uploading a lot of scans

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@Kurohige: Hey man do you mind if I switch out Starjun for Zebura?
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@SpeedForceSpider: Yeah, go for it, I'll edit the OP.

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Thanks broham 

 Zebura can create armor made of sound to protect others who cannot defend themselves. Note that this ability is extremely helpful for my boy Kakyoin:  

Used Jet Voice to out speed the Four Beast and help the other Kings get away. 


Destroying a level 90 monster with a voice missile in his early appearance: 

 Zebura later spamming the same attack against a Nitro in a later arc:    


Zebura bested an attack that destroyed 10 million square kilometers (which is about the size of the USA) and he did so with a punch.



Simultaneously bombarded the Mounturtle but the creature didn't even feel it


Zebura one shotting it with the beat punch

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Hey, not bad, however Zebra is easily the slowest of the 4 Heavenly kings a majority of his attacks are stated to be the speed of sound or sightly higher, Kazuma is in the 4 digit mach speeds as he was able to fly from Earth to outer space within seconds and then while clashing with Ryuho fly to another plan a few miles away from where he took of within a few seconds.

Here is a calc for the speed along with a video:

Let's start with a speed feat.

Speed Feat - Shell Bullet Ultimate/Stage 2

From 16:07-16:19, both Kazuma fly into space to at least the poin they break through some white barrier of light.

I just need a distance now, here's the scan I used to get it

See the curved white light? Kazuma and Ryuhou flew at least to that point in 12 seconds.

Travel Distance = 214 pixels

Earth Diameter = 3,033 pixels

Travel Distance/Earth = 0.071

Earth Diameter = 12,756.2 kilometers

Travel Distance = 905.690 kilometers

Timeframe = 12 seconds

Speed = 75,474 m/s or mach 220

Anime makes this far too simple.

Next up? Their Explosion Feat from episode 25.

Destructive Power - Proud Fist and Stage 3 Part 1

(If you can't view the video at your location just watch the first fight I posted)

This here is the completed explosion.

You'll notice it's peaking overtop the top curvature of earth.

In relation to that?

We see rather clearly in the second screen I posted that Japan at that time of year, in relation to the top of the planet's curve is a fair deal below said curve (you can track where japan is using the vertical large explosion kazuma and ryuho caused that episode. Japan's even visible, just looks white, but its clearly the shape of japan)

What's the mean? I can get my minimum explosion radius and flight distance given they flew into the sky perpendicular to Japan.

They're also easily a fair deal higher in the sky, given no ill effects of the explosion reach the ground below, and the explosion we see peak over the top of the planet isn't a full hemisphere, the majority of its mass is still hidden behind the planet.

Earth Diameter = 292 pixels

Fireball Radius/Distance Traveled = 40 pixels

Fireball Radius/Earth Diameter = 0.137

Earth Diameter = 12,756,200 meters

Fireball Radius/Distance Traveled = 1,747,599.4 meters

Fireball Diameter = 3,495.199 kilometers

That'd also effect the speed of Kazuma and Ryuhou's flight into space.

Speed Feat - Proud Fist/Stage 3

Here I used the radius of the explosion as the minimum distance they needed to travel in 4 seconds for the feat.

My radius here is 1,747,599.4 meters

1,747,599.4 meters/4 = 436,899.85 m/s or mach 1,283.904

Kazuma and Ryuhou's Episode 25 Explosion Yields = 138.743 teratons

Kazuma and Ryuhou's Final Battle Fireball Diameter = 3,495.199 kilometers

Proud Fist/Stage 3 Speed = 436,899.85 m/s

That would mean that Kazuma should be more than fast and strong enough to tangle with Zebra despite the Mt. Turtle feat. Even taking calc outs of the equation Kazuma and Ryuho were able leave Earth from that little amount of time as well. I din't want to take up too much space but I can link to the full calc if need be.

Now because Guyver cannot actually effect Kakyoin with his sound waves as Zebra would likely have him covered for protection Guyver still has access to his Gravity control; while Kakyoin can have the advantage with distance and his barrier, Guyver can still use it's mega smasher, a blast more than powerful enough to get through Zebra's shield and kakyion's barrier,

and because of the Guyver's sensory abilities it can detect all kinds of movements allowing him to be able to prepare for attacks he may not even be able to see such as Emerald splash or Zebra's sound waves. Also with his Gravity control he can create a small barrier to block and even repel oncoming attacks, very useful for a ranged type attacker. Even if Kakyoin's emeralds can break through the barrier because of Stand properties the Emeralds are only large building level, the Guyver, is well above that, as it can fight with city level Zoanoids and having a base durability 20 times stronger than steel.

Being able to take out multiple superior hyper Zoanoids with ease and tanking all their attacks as well, keep in mind that Kakyoin will also have to destroy the control medal if he wishes to kill the Guyver assuming he can get past his defenses.

And with access to gigantic form Guyver's megasmasher should be able to get past Zebra's durability as well

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Zebra's mah man, I have to go for whoever has him on their team XD here's part of my reason why:

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@Jinbeifan1: I guess your vote wont count then since you are not being fair

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@Jinbeifan1: Well Kazuma has a Z in his name too lol. But Zebra is indeed badass, he is actually why I started reading Toriko, him and Teppei.

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@SMXLR8: It's not fair that he's such a BADASS?!?!?! XD Alright then let's just get technical, I think Speedforces team can win if Zebra can fire off his Voice Missle or Meteor Noise off first. Problem is like people have said the others are faster than he is, although I feel he moves much faster than the speed of sound or he would literally be slower than almost everyone in the HST. I haven't seen calcs for his speed but I am hard pressed to believe he's that slow. He could probably meet any of them in DC, but from the look of it their hax is superior. The black holes would stop his voice missle most likely, although would it work in the middle of a fight? Unsure for me. But if he could get close enough he could land a beat punch on one of them. Now I'm only speaking in respect to Zebra because he's the one I know, his teammate might be able to make up for the areas he lacks which are speed and all around hax.

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@Jinbeifan1: This is a CAV that means you don't decide who wins

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@SMXLR8: I didn't say I did, I was just making an argument for the fight :P

@Kurohige: XD that's true he does, this fight may be tougher than I thought lol! But yeah it's actually the same for me (Not with Teppei but with Zebra) And the fact that Komatsu and Toriko have a funny but awesome bromance going on. One that confused Sunny into thinking that it was a romantic relationship XD

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@Jinbeifan1: you are not suppose to do that either , if you have something to say about the fight do in the PM's

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@SMXLR8: Oh... I really need to pay attention to the rules to this stuff ^.^'

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@Jinbeifan1: Just to be clear: The Guyver and Guyver Gigantic (The ones being used in this battle) cannot use the psudo-black holes, only Guyver Exceed can and as stated in the OP that form is banned here. Although, I suggest instead of allowing Guyver to access Gigantic the OP should be edited to just make Guyver 1 Guyver Gigantic by default since it is just everything the Guyver is but amplified 1,000 fold anf the Gigantic is just, well, a Guyver for the Guyver, it can be summoned from another dimension instantly at any time so might as well make it a default since Sho/ Guyver would do that anyway by that point in the manga. . Also the black hole destroyed in the scan was caused by Guyot, he is able to create a pseudo-black hole that exhibits 7 thousand exatons of super heavy gravity. Just to give you an example of how strong that is:

Ton (1)

Kiloton (1,000)

Megaton (1,000,000)

Gigaton (1,000,000,000)

Teraton (1,000,000,000,000)

Petaton (1,000,000,000,000,000)

1 Exaton (1,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Zettaton (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

a terraton is already bording country level and this guy can create 7 exatons of gravitational force his gravity control can simulate a singularity with a mass of 7E24 kilograms, to make a five meters black hole with mass that is somewhat greater than Earth's. Guyver's Mega smasher destroyed that.

Guyver also took on A super-intelligent skyscraper-sized dragon made of essentially cancer cells who can control the minds of an entire city at once, absorb anything he touches, block attacks with a forcefield, and fire city-busting lasers (along with rapid-fire building-buster missiles that ignore barriers). Guyver could have taken it out easily in one shot but it turned into a grueling battle (though partly because Guyver kept taking hits for innocent bystanders), then his opponent ate a bunch of people to go One Winged Angel and heal all his injuries. He then charged the citybuster, forcing Guyver to risk using "Gravity Implosion" before he could fire (to protect the inhabitants more than himself). It basically removes a section of space from existence with great precision, killing his opponent and negating his attack without harming anything else. He didn't use it before then because it had a long charging time and had too much collateral damage.

But Kurohige pointed most of this out already Gigantic Guyver's durability should be town level.

@SMXLR8: Sorry, not trying to debate I was just clearing some thing up since a bit of Kurohige's post may have caused confusion for those who have not read Guyver. A lot of people are mistaken when it comes to Guyver's abilities and physical prowess. I was just clarifying some things already in Kurohige post so that everyone knew what was going on. Sorry if I derailed a bit.

@Kurohige: @SpeedForceSpider: Looking good you two, I can't wait to see the outcome, hax vs power, very interesting matchup.

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Guyver Exceed for those who don't know the difference

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@Justice: you should try a CAV if you have time

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