CAV : SMXLR8 & Shadowchaos VS Vapovile & Haiken

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Introduction / Teams

This a 2 vs 2 free for all CAV. There will be 4 characters for each side so that means each user will have 2 characters each

Team 1 = me and shadowchaos

Team 2 = Vapovile and Haiken


Both teams get 4 days of prep to get to know their partner / team mates / etc , Everyone is in character , both teams have standard equipment , both sides are either current or end of series but it can change to suite the battle

Location - Besaid Island

Team 1 Starts Here

Besaid Temple

Team 2 Starts Here

Besaid Fall

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I can't wait to read this.

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Alright, let's get this battle started! Starting the introduction to my two characters...

Hayato Gokudera(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Gokudera is the demolition expert of the 10 generation Vongola family. He is also the guardian of the destructive Storm element ring, and thus can activate the specific storm type Vongola Boxes. Gokudera's own Box contains an arm-mounted blaster that converts his normal sticks of dynamite to energy projectiles. He can also convert the launcher into a bow(seen above) to launch even larger energy projectiles. Gokudera's main defensive ability is his Sistema C.A.I, which allows him to use 5 different types of flames and use the different parts of the System to block projectiles.

As his weaponry would suggest, he is mostly a ranged fighter. As such, in this match he will serve to cover my more melee-focused fighter. Some of you might know of this magical girl that likes a certain zombie. Everyone, let me introduce...

Haruna(Kore wa Zombie desu ka?)

That's right, it's Haruna. She has the ability to turn into a Masou Shoujo, which greatly enhances her attack and defensive abilities. Her primary weapon is her magical chainsaw, which has the ability to rip through even the thick body of a megalo with complete ease.

And if her strength isn't enough, she can create barriers that can withstand seemingly hundreds of tons of pressure, even when her powers were taken from her.

Haruna will be my melee-focused character, while Gokudera will cover her approach with his energy projectiles. I will let Haiken, SMXLR8, and Shadowchaos post their character intros before I go into any in-depth strategies.

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It's my turn then.. Introducing my two characters:

Nura Rikuo - Night form (Nurarihyon no Mago) in Kurotabou Matoi

Rikuo is the highly respected third heir of the Nura clan (Clan of Demons), despite being a Demon leader, one of his rules is to never hurt any human (referring to civilians).

His main weapon is a Katana named Nenekirimaru, any demon cut by this Katana would bleed endlessly to death, and is highly skilled in using this sword. As Nurarihyon's grand child, he could use the "Fear" or power and secret techniques of the Nura Bloodline, One of the most commonly used fear is the Meikyou Shisui, this instills fear to his enemies to the point where his enemies unconsciously stops noticing his existence..

Then there is Kyouka Suigetsu, where his body seemingly become intangible by the use of Mirage, this makes him very hard to hit..

The secret technique of the Nura clan is called the Meikyou Shisui "sakura", where he pulls out a cup of Sake out of nowhere and turns the Sake to a blue flame to burn his enemies..

Now it's time to introduce another "should be evil, but is surprisingly on the good side" character, but instead of a Demon, this time it's a Zombie..

Aikawa Ayumu (Kore wa Zombie desu ka?)

Aikawa Ayumu is a Normal Highschool student, but after he was murdered, he was turned to a zombie by a Necromancer he met just before he got killed.

He is skilled in street-fighting and is often seen fighting with bare fists, due to being a zombie, he is able to turn off the human body's limiter, thus giving him 100% to up to a 1000% boost in speed and power.. He is also nigh immortal that could survive being cut in half, and has regeneration.

At night while taking a break after patrolling the streets for a chance to find his killer, he saw a Magical girl chasing a Megalo (monster), after the girl defeated the Megalo and she was about to erase his memory, he accidentally absorbed all of her Magic. after this, he was able to transform into a "Magical girl" (as shown above) and use a Magical chainsaw to fight his enemies, surprisingly he is also able to enhance this magic up to 1000%. While in his Magical girl form, he has the ability to fly at tremendous speed..

Ayumu would be my head-on Fighter, while Rikuo would be my Stealth Killer..

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@Vapovile: @Haiken: not bad you 2 but what about your characters standard Equipment?

@Haiken: Limiting you character may not be good , like can't you use the manga version of Naru ? Just use scans that are to the limits of the match so that you won't be limited

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@SMXLR8: OK i'll use Manga version, but it's pretty much the same as the anime version though..

My character's standard equipments are already written, Nenekirimaru for Rikuo and Magical chainsaw (Mystletainn) for Ayumu..

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Ok it's now time for my intro to my characters . Now both of characters are similar in a few ways but they are not to be underestimated since you should not judge a book by the cover.


Tyr is a black smith to be turned mercenary , he is the the leader of his group the Tyr mercenaries . He had various jobs while on search for his brother who was reported to be dead but regardless of the challenges Tyr and his group over came them all. Tyr's father a legendary mercenary turned Black smith taught Tyr about swords and how to take care of them , which would explain Tyr's knowledge on swords.

Standard Equipment

Tyr carries around his dads collection of swords, which wears on his back. He also carries Ygg a talking stone that he wears around his neck.


John is an orphan that was turned into a slave by the nobles.One day he saw an angle that was fighting and get hurt . The angle asked john for his help , when john accepted they were joined together forever. It was later revealed that john was a nephilim or half angle. Since john is a half angle he was already tougher then your average human , but when he made a "contract" with an angle he became stronger then he already was.
Standard Equipment - john will be wearing / using a Holy artifact that he got from his angle friend

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His two weapons are a sword and a bow. I will get the bow scan later

Next is Munakata who is a hidden weapon user and can move at insane speeds even when waited down with weapons and when not well not even those who can already move fast can keep up.

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@Shadowchaos: nice are you done with your intro? I will finish mine when I am done reading

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@SMXLR8: yeah I had more for Munakata but the picture glitch got rid of them.

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@Shadowchaos: With the scans you provided.. isn't Kurou on large building level?

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@Shadowchaos: @Haiken: @Vapovile: I guess we can start this so who wants to go first . remember both sides do not know where the other side is

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@SMXLR8: yeah but I think the others have some street level people.

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@Haiken: I don't think so ?

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good luck guys. I know this is going to be a good one. 
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@SMXLR8: OK, since you let me use Matoi on Rikuo that should be fair.. :D

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@Haiken: Its a outlier really most of his attacks do just small deep cuts on the forehead plus it was just a waterfall.

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@Shadowchaos: @Haiken: ok now that that is settled, it's on to the battle

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@SMXLR8: @Shadowchaos: You guys go first since we did the intro first.. :D

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@Haiken: fair enough

@Shadowchaos: shadow go first please

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