Captain Planet VS Aang

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no prep , in character , No PIS or CIS for cap , cap is fighting at his best , aang can go avatar state cause he will need it

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cap has pretty shitty durability so aang wins here IMO and btw neither are anime characters...

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Captain Planet is heal from elements (if I remembering correctly) Aang (sadly) have nothing to take him out

This match probably win go like this

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Last I checked Captain Planet is virtually immune to natural elements, they actually empower him even further. Pollution is actually his main weakness.

In other words, Aang lacks actual means of successful attack.

In other words, Aang can't do anything obviously so this match is rather unfair.

I also recall Captain Planet's top full speed is way beyond the sound barrier.

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@321zigzag1: If Aang manipulates all of them, and Captain Planet is composed of them, couldn't Aang just deconstruct Captain Planet?

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@CerusSerenade: Wouldn't work. He's composed of the power of the Planeteer rings, not the actual elements. And it's not like Aang is an alchemist.

As others have stated, Captain Planet can easily win this match as Aang's elemental attacks would only further strengthen Ted Turner's mascot for environmental awareness. And if you want a general idea of how fast Cap can be, he's capable of flying from the ground into space within a matter of seconds, making him easily hypersonic.

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Looks like another mismatch. What will you think of next SMXLR8?

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@CerusSerenade: Can you just stop Please this has gone on too long ENOUGH ALREADY please this person to stop trolling my posts please this has to stop

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Please stop replying to your post and let it die out; if you wanted tell these people to stop saying thoses things then A) stop making these types of threads B) Reply to them in PM.

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