Captain America vs. Guts (BERSERK)

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I wouldn't say so much. Cap does some really impressive things. And how he does so well against more powered foes is because of his skills in combat and tactical reasoning. Tony Stark just isn't a good fighter. He relies heavily upon his armor. Cap adjusts his tactics to the situation. It's what makes him such an exceptional leader. As for the issue about Cap's gun, Guts is fast enough w/o the Berserker armor to avoid getting shot and/or use the Dragonslayer to block everything. The main thing there is the Colt is only dangerous to Guts if Cap can go for a head shot and make the hit, or target places not protected by armor.
Guts doesn't leave many openings, and Cap's own armor is useless against the Dragonslayer. The crossbow could still penetrate Cap's armor, but would mostly just be flesh wounds and nothing fatal unless Guts could get him in a vital point or the head. Neither of which is too likely due to Cap's enhanced reaction times and his shield.
The main thing is, Cap's greatest defense is his shield, and it's also his primary offensive weapon. For Guts, his greatest weapon is the Dragonslayer, a massive sword. It's also his most powerful defense against attacks due its great size and thickness. The primary reason for this match is because it kinda fits the credo of the Strongest Sword vs the Ultimate Shield, and in this case, both are used for both Offense and Defense.
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Guts wins. Physicly superior based on feats. This is as clear as spring water. Although if we caunt Cap's PIS feats (majority of his feats, like defeating the Hulk) than he wins :-) .

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@MarioRedfield: If this was a Weight lifting contest maybe Cap would win, yet Guts haves years of battle experience, being a mercenary since a young age. Cap may have better h2h skills, but Guts is as ruthless fighter as you can get, not to mention superhuman reaction time and superior experience. Guts sword may not be as impressive as Cap shield, yet is enchanted by being soaked in the blood of thousands of demons. Guts also haves a greater arsenal of weaponery he could use to gain advatange over Cap. One hit of Guts sword that goes unblocked by Cap, and he is dead. Guts main asset is his inhuman skill to resist damage, he takes more punishment in the 300+ chapters of Berseker than Cap in most of his career, and he keeps going. Cap may be determined, yet Guts is conviction itself. Got my hand trapped by a demon?, He cut it off. Got pummeled a thousands times and maybe more? He keeps standing. All of my friends are dead and hordes of demons attack me everywhere and anytime. He geared up for a war and started to wage it against infinite hordes of demons, monsters and the uber-powerful apostoles.

Even if Cap physical skills may be better than Guts, The Black Swordman is already more than a man. Cap maybe the pinnacle of human development, Guts breaks those limits time after time and keeps surviving in a world where every shadow could hide an enemy. Guts is basically uber-demon hunter and warrior in person, Cap maybe the greatest soldier ever, but that denomination is also his weakness, a Soldier instincts tell him when to fight and when to run, he analyzes fights, Guts is a Warrior, he is going to push himself to his limits to win his instincts are honed to fight and survive, while Cap is more leadership oriented, Guts is a One Man Army.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: That's really interesting, and I think you make great points, but I don't think Cap can be counted of the picture just yet. I think he'd at least give him a battle

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Which is my point exactly. Cap is extremely determined. He'll stare down the Hulk. He'll stand before Thanos and not even flinch.
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@MarioRedfield: I think that myself, Cap vs Guts would be a fight I would pay to watch. Maybe we can ask those guys in Screw attack to do it...

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Well I had already suggested it on their FB page and stuff. ^_^
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