Broly Vs. Thor

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@mypasswordis1234: 'll draw:

The Living World

The Living World is also called the Present World. To be frank, it means the vast universe. This universe is divided into four galaxies; other than that, it is known that there is a chaotic place called the Devil Realm somewhere in the universe. The sections known as the East-West-North-South Galaxies only utilize Kami as administration units, and the lifeforms who reside in the Living World are able to freely travel the galaxies. Of course, that is supposing they have the technology...

Incidentally, Earth, where SON Gokuu and his friends live, exists in the North Galaxy. The North Galaxy seems to have some of the most beautiful planets.

The Devil Realm is a unique place within the Living World. It is a place that the eyes of the Kami in the World Beyond are unable to see; little is known other than the fact that wicked lifeforms live there. There are records of these lifeforms threatening the peace on planets in the universe.

Ordinary lifeforms cannot freely travel from the Living World to the World Beyond. The only way to go is by turning into souls upon death. However, there are some who are given permission to travel by the Kami of the World Beyond, though they are few in number.

ps: detail the Dragon Ball universe is formed by only 4 galaxies, that has many stars and nebulae, the higher the number of stars and nebulae, the greater galaxy. the lower the number of stars and nebulae, the smaller the galaxy. Daizenshuu 7 explains that in the DB universe, a collection of planets forms a nebula, and a collection of nebulas forms a galaxy (in actual modern astronomy, nebula are collections of space dust and gas rather than planets, though the term was originally looser and included galaxies). There are four galaxies in the DB universe: north, south, east, and west.

soon the 4 galaxies dbz has the size of a supercluster of galaxies, the largest structures in the universe.

1. The Universe

The endless, expansive space wrapped around every celestial body that exists in the Living World. Along with the "Demon Realm," it is a single, large world in the Living World. In the world of Dragon Ball, the universe is located beneath the World Beyond, and it is hermetically sealed by a barrier that is engraved with a strange design. Within the universe, there are "nebulae" composed of innumerable stars, and there are "galaxies" composed of innumerable nebulae. There is a ruling Kami for each galaxy. Earth resides in the Solar System, a galactic nebula on the outskirts of the North Galaxy.

[Par.] A "Cosmic Police Organization" exists in the universe. However, they lack the fighting ability to oppose Freeza and the Saiyans. (Daizenshuu 4, Page 72)

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@solesamurai said:

If Classic Thor, he rapes Broly like the maggot he is compared to him. If Current thor he wins barely.


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@SilverGalford: first time i agree with u lol ;D

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I love dbz, but this goes to Thor... Unless Broly has been LSS for 20 years he won't be able to kill Thor, but he could be a challenge.
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What are thor's best feats?

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