broly vs nova:

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@ulquiorraschiffer1: that still isnt anywhere near lightspeed so again im waiting for some lightspeed DBZ feats... The most impressive feat was gotenks lapping the earth multiple times in minutes but lightspeed movement would have accomplished such in nano if not microseconds..

You're wanking dbz so again I'll wait for u to show me ftl or even lightspeed movement from dbz characters or ur claim is moot

finally people are getting Z fighters arent FTL

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ALMIGHTY : (facepalm) Saiyan Saga picollo bast is nearly at speed of light as he destroyed moon in seconds. Raditz dodged those attacks like nothing. And if u see Dbz, Frieza is at least 1000 times stronger , faster and durable than Raditz. If fodder in Dbz can fight at near light speed, then the top tiers are easily MFTL in combat speed reaction. Also i have proved that Broly is FTL+. Now tell me where is wank in it. U are accusing me on false terms.
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@ulquiorraschiffer1: There was no time frame given for that blast piccolo shot at the moon you dont know if it were seconds or minutes also u dont kno if the blast he shot at the moon was the same exact blast he shot at raditz just because they appear to be the same doesn't mean they were I mean im pretty sure if he shoot a moonbuster at raditz more than just a couple pebbles & the ground would have been destroyed…

But lemme play devils advocate here & say sure it reached the moon in seconds thats still not even close to lightspeed I don't think you fathom exactly how fast light is.. Reaching the moon takes exponentially less than a second let alone seconds so again ur point is invalid & I will continue to wait for a plausible lightspeed DBZ claim based off feats…

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@ALMIGHTY: 252,088 miles from earth to the moon.

186,282 miles a second Speed of Light

Piccolo blows up moon in 1 second.

Radits dodges the shot after it is fired.

Thus even non SS are FTL...

The downplay DBZ gets here is just sad...

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@ALMIGHY : Thanks to Beast_of_Prey scans. It seems u can't quite downplay Dbz. And as for moonbuster it was casual, and the attack Picollo did at Raditz was more powerful as it took more. That means Raditz >>> moonbusting attack. Now i would like to see the scan where Nova is fighting at FTL.
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@Beast_Of_Prey: Again even more clear not the same attack nor was it stated they were the same attack also again there is not time frame for the moonbusting feat & ifu truly believe dbz charachters are lightspeed explain why the moon busting feat is the only feat that show cases such speed ? Its an inconsistency thats why, otherwise they wouldnt be flying around namek & earth for hours or gotenks would have lapped the earth many more times than he did that feat is inconsistent with the rest of the manga as there are no other lightspeed claims in dbz so the feat is PIS

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@ulquiorraschiffer1: Im on mobile so i can't really show case feats atm sorry man

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@saladking : don't participate in the debate if u don't like Dbz and do not have any logic/scan that can help in this debate. Stop insult people, okay ?
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