broly and SPC vs majin vegeta and ss2 teen gohan

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Team 2 wins fairly easily
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Team 1 wins.
If not for Trunk's intervention (which was total PIS) Broly would have overpowered SSJ2 Goku and SSJ2 Gohan (Goten can be ignored)  And before anyone tries to say 
"but Goku and Goha weren't SSj2!"  To which I say, yes, yes they were. Broly's second film took place just before the Buu saga, meaning that Goku at this point was more powerful than Gohan had been when he fought Cell seven years before as stated by Majin Vegeta (and the animators even said  that that Gohan was SSJ2, but they had forgot to add the lighting) and Broly still managed to damn near beat both of them on his own (granted, Gohan was weaker than before, but he was still a SSJ2)  
So I'm fairly certain that Broly could handle both Vegeta and Gohan on his own, and with Cell backing him up, victory is almost guaranteed, but then again crazier things have happened in the DBZ universe XD 
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