Brolly vs King Thor

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@leofull: yeah I was a little confused on that first guy too lol

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King Thor stomps. Regular Thor can beat Broly, so making it King Thor makes Broly look pathetic.

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@leofull said:

@mypasswordis1234 said:

Nice halter on King Thor.

You mean hater?

@Sonata said:

Anyway Thor should take this easily.


No need to elaborate Thor is stronger, Faster, arguably has more powers, Not to mention that broly has shit durability going by the movies he has been in. Therefor it's safe to assume 1 shot from Mjolnir could probably KO thor. Especially since OP used King Thor who Odin level and maybe even slightly above Odin due to him being more Youthful. And I surely hope you don't think Broly would ever in his dreams hope to contend with Odin.

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Thor wins

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King Thor is too much for entire DBZ/DB multiverse and DBGT combined. It has been proven dozens of times. There are far more interesting matches than this.

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Regular Thor beats Broly, King Thor does it so much easier.

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