Brainiac Vs Goku, Vegeta, Gohan & Trunks

Topic started by acarter on July 27, 2011. Last post by ManofSteel 3 years, 8 months ago.
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Brainiac has access to his tech
the monkeys stamina are infinite & goku & vegeta can fuse if they want via potara or regular fusion same rules apply 4 both types
Battle wherever as it wont just stay on Earth
& no mind rape or BFR
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If the team work together then they could defeat Brainiac, however Brainiac does have strength equal to Supes so one punch and it's lights out for whoever gets hit.
Post by ManofSteel (26 posts) See mini bio Level 8
Ah, but the problem with the aforementioned version of the Coluan is, although he possesses Superman's powers, he is prone to contracting bacterial illness outside of his cell. Also, by "mind rape", I assume you mean possession of others. If Goku and Vegeta form Super Vegito, and Gohan is in Ultimate Warrior, I see a win for DBZ. See, if Brainiac has no prep, possession, and is outside of his cell, the Z-Fighters just have to outlast Brainiac. (Which should be easy, for they have infinite stamina).
As for no BFR, Brainiac cannot simply travel through time and kill Goku before the match, because that is technically facing off Goku in a separate battlefield. And he cannot transport the Z-Team to another dimension, a huge handicap. I might add, while All StarSupes has a point, it will take way more than 1 punch to take down Super Vegito or even SSJ4 Gogeta. If SSJ4 Gogeta was bloodlusted, he would easily overwhelm Brainiac. 
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