Blackbeard (One Piece) V.S. Admiral Kizaru (One Piece)

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@TheRedRose: kizaru cant attack at lightspeed

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@TheRedRose said:

Let's just say Kizaru can travel and attack at a light speed rate yet cannot entirely move at Light Speed in such instance it takes time to charge up his attacks or move, Oh and I'm going to have to go with Black beard. While you are all going by ranks and titles you have to go by the real evidence and feats, and then combine them to come up with a conclusion. And by reading over some feats from Black Beard he seems to have the better hand in this fight, by simple logic it is said not even light can escape from a black hole. That is enough to say that Black Beard stomps Kizaru.

Ok guys, looks like we all need to take a leaf from this guy's book if we want to be great debaters like him.

1. People have been using feats in their arguments.

2. Logic plays very little part in most animes, especially in shonen. Making it the foundation of your argument for a fight like this would be idiocy.

3. Where did the stomp come from? You seem to be using the word rather lightly judging by the argument you put forth.

Please get off your high chair mr holier-than-thou.

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@FormerCrimsonKing said:

@TheRedRose: kizaru cant attack at lightspeed

Im pretty sure when he fires a light beam, those are lightspeed. Unless im mistaken.
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@MisterShin: No, those beams are FAR away from lightspeed.

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so blackbeard loses against magellan but wins against kizaru? seems legit.

current blackbeard might be a badass but pre timeskip seems too cocky to win.

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Lets not forget Black Beard's devil fruit type isn't like most logia he can't absorb attacks so if Kizaru quickly goes for a lethal blow its over. WAIT how would they even get into a fight in the first place? Black Beard is to much of a puss to leave his crewmates so he would have to kill his crew first Black Beard has to take this fight just because he fights dirty and won't go 1v1 just look at the Whitebeard fight, Come on.

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Blackbeard is no joke, you, you call Blackbeard a pussy, but do you not remember when he asked his crew to leave him alone so he could beat the shit out of Ace? Of course you remember. That's what's dangerous about Blackbeard, he's unpredictable, and acts like a fool, sometimes he even IS a fool, but he's still to be feared. Current Blackbeard is featless sure, but he's a Yonkou for a reason I can guarantee you, and he even has the fruit of the man he feared, Whitebeard

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When BB shows his new power, I'll probably say him.

Until then, everyone should fear a bloodlusted version of OP's best troll character.

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man this is sooooooooo old!

blackbeard should win this with ease right now considering he is probably the strongest yonko.

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You need to talk to Sonata, Dream, or any forum mods about bumping old threads. I told you already.

Reasons Not to Bump:

  1. One sided threads
  2. Thread contains banned characters
  3. Thread contains featless characters or near featless. Need to Wait
  4. Thread isn't conformed to the current rules. If the thread does not violate any rules, it's up to the mod's discretion to update the OP.

Reasons To Bump:

  1. New Feats Revealed
  2. Dupe Thread

Kizaru and Blackbeard haven't shown much feats, only a little. We can only go on speculations and hype. There is no reason to bump this. I'm going to lock this temporarily and record in Word document to bump years later. That's how One Piece works.

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