Bills vs Pegasus Seiya

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@5th: dude you are always posting non-canon material as evidence and expect people to accept it you are really bias

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@ROBOT6661: Non-canon?

I post most of my feats from the Original Manga and Episode G. Please elaborate on something I've ever posted to being non-canon before.

Ep G is canon btw.

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Birusu dies.

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@5th: we have been in the episode G thing a while now and each time i ask for proof that is canon you never give it and for your question, aside from the episode g thing, i remember that a dude posted a feat from lost canvas and i said that it doesn't count because it's non-canon and you said it does count because it was a new interpretation of the art or something like that don't remember exactly what you said but it was bassically that it does count even if it was non-canon

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@5th: @ROBOT6661:

Citing a warning to you guys. Stay away from each other if possible.

Thread locked.

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