Bernkastel (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) vs. Emperor Joker (DC)

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@CerusSerenade: didn't she kill him once though?

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@CerusSerenade said:

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Mxy for the win....he broke the fourth wall and entered our world LOL

One can argue featherines library is a collection of universes, each book contains universes, however characters have jumped through books showing connections between books and even storyline....if there were infinite libraries, that would be a different question.

Each book is a Multiverse. The best Myx has ever done is play with a planet, and the best Joker has ever done is "destroy the universe" at will. Bernkastel could litterally play with a multiverse since they've all been turned into books. Bernkastel destroys universes several times at ftl speeds while fighting with Lambdadelta as a side-effect of their fight.

Bernkastel is far stronger.

Can you prove to me that each book is a multiverse and not the library you know the difference between a megaverse and a multiverse? its seperated through a void or some sort of wall, with neither multiverse havng any connection to one another, clearly the library connects the books, and all the books reside within a library therefore the library is the multiverse itself, and the books are merely accumulation of universes. Worlds funnest had mxy insane feats on panel that owsn anything umineko visually showed. Umineko is exactly like the dark tower, the dark tower has 600 floors, each floor has universes leading to the assumption it was a megaverse/ omniverse but king himself acknowledged it as a multiverse only. The sin megami tensei verse, marvel and dc make clear distinctions in regards to the seperation of multiverses, umineko frankly does not hold up to that.

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@VinoVash1234: Remember the Umineko game board? It was going to be turned into a book. The Umineko game board consists of countless universes, making it a multiverse. Since this is the way all books were taken, all books in the City of Books are multiverses.

As for your dark tower analogy, it would mean something if the Dark Tower was more than just 600 universes with one being at each floor. There are countless universes in each book, and there are countless books. There's an incomparable difference between the City of Books and the Dark Tower.

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@CerusSerenade: That umineko gamboard analogy actually proves my case, that it was apart of the umineko continuity before it was considered to become a seperate book, therefore the gameboard is connected to the book much like the rest of the books are connected to one another, making all the books merely accumulation of universes, the library holds these universes, therefore a multiverse. Its not hard to understand, forget the cover and tear out the pages of every book in the library, ultimately you'll see that those pages are merely that, an accumulation of stories...therefore a multiverse.

No you got the analogy wrong, in the dark tower, there are over 600 floors, each floor contains infinite universes, not the other way round. Its the same thing for the dark tower. There are countless universes in each book much like there are countless universes in each floor....its the same thing. But the dark tower got it right. Multiverses are not connected, they are seperated from one another, not held by a medium.

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You know what I'm done. In my idiocy I forgot to copy my last post so I'm just going to stop trying since it is now lost to the shitstorm.

Someone message me when this mess is cleaned up.

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A glitch right? Yeah. That happens a lot to me too. I copy lengthy posts usually but sometimes I forget.
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I'd say Bern after a long, long battle, but that's just me.

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Can go either way...

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@cosmicdude: No, Bern wins by virtue of having better feats.

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