Bernkastel, Lambdadelta and Featherin run a Gauntlet

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Well since my last vs topic broke some rules I am going to try to start with something different

The cats of Feathering are included as part of Featherin's standard guards

scenario 1: each witch takes the gauntlet alone

scenario 2: They team up and take the gauntlet together

- The witches have full knowledge about their foes and their abilities

- The witches have a full year to prepare for all their respective battles.

- The characters have no knowledge about the witches. But they have knowledge about the day of their arrival. They have a full year to prepare for the battle.

-After every battle they recover their health and energy.

-During their battle everyone is blood lusted, character induced stupidity is off, everyones is at their prime

-Battle to death

-The goal of the witches is to conquer our world so they can keep trolling everyone forever!!!! Can anyone save us from these psychopath bitches?

bonus scenario: if they can defeat everyone one to one, then everyone teams up to fight the witches at the same time. They can help each other by doing stuff like healing each other, etc.


1) Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger -just for the giggles- (Battlefield: Howarts Harry and company are in the great Hall. The witches are 100 miles away from Howarts. They are flying towards to the school but they do not feel like in a hurry. Their flying speed is 40 km/h. As for this scenario it is unique since the witches are not going to be blood lusted. They just happened to heard about this school of witchcraft and wizardry and they feel quite curious.) They are visiting Howarts just to play with the kids. After all the witches love kids. They are going to -cough- scare the shit out of them -cough- have a good time!

2) Berserk Eva Unit 01 and Unit 02 (battlefield: New York. distance: The witches are 1 km away from the mechas before the battle starts time: 24:00 hrs ) What happens with new york? The witches do not actually intend to destroy de city, but maybe they want to play around a little bit with their magic. Bern as the statue of liberty?

3) Mewtwo, Mew and Deoxys (Battlefield: Palet Town The witches are 2 miles way from Pale Town) The day is cloudy. Humans and Pokemon are running,swimming or flying as far away as they can from Palet Town. Ash Ketchum is crying like always. Gary Oak on the other hand, stays calm. He understands that it is useless to run. These battle is going to decide he destiny of the Pokemon World.

4) Jotaro Kujo and Josuke Higashikata (the time stop of Start Platinum does not have effect on Joskuke- Battlefield: Paris JoJo team is waiting at the last floor of the Eiffel Tower while the witches are having fun at Louvre) Paris... the city of art and love. Bern and Lambda speak all the time about their mutual love. This city seems to be perfect for those kids.

5) Super Vegeto, Ssj 3 Gotenks and Chou Gohan ( Battlefield: Hyperbolic time Chamber) The 3 mightiest sayian warriors are waiting still and patiently. They know that the witches are going to teleport inside the hyperbolic time chamber at any time. -no dragon balls-

6) Dark Schneider, Michael and Gabriel ( Battlefield: Black Abyss The withces are 100 meters away from DS's party ) DS is laughing out loud. So do Bern and Lambda.

7) Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ( Battle field: The eleventh Dimension ) The mecha is ready to fight. Malevolent laughs make echo across the entire Universe. It is impossible to predict who is going to attack first. Note: For this scenario the witches are not allowed to do something like teleporting inside the mecha and kill Simon and the others. They have to battle the mecha.

BTW... If you are not familiar with the witches I can post info about them and actual pictures that back up their feats.

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*Witches doesn't need preparation, let's begin with that

Witches haxx: Easy universal busters, Magic of miracles to change the outcome of situations, magic of certainty to assure a situation, featherine's writing to write the fate of the oponentes, and also featherine's servant, being everyone the main character of his/her/it own story from different verses. Their speed is mftl, and featherine can easily stop the flow of plot.

*Bernkastel survived to an universe being created on HER STOMACH

1) Howgarts gameboard became horribly hijacked and trolled

2) With barely effort

3) Too easy for them

4) Also they win

5) with ease, two universal+, and one probably multiversal against just multiplanet busters

6) until now, there are no universal in bastards, so they win, also featherine can stop the flow of the plot to write their destinies at her like, but I wonder about the shield of the angels, I say they win by powerscaling

7) Honestly six is more a challenge than the seven

*With the exception of Michael and Gabriel (maybe), even Battler can take this alone

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@Asune: Is not STTGL high universal?

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@Endlesscreator:True, but the witches are also high universals, and their skills are haxx as hell, remember, Bern survived an universe on her stomach.

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The witches take this easily.

Why do they even get the knowledge stuff? Its just going to make this stomp thread a stomp thread of epic proportions. :)

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