ben 10000 vs xmen

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no jean no iceman no nate grey no cable no omega level mutants and no physics no xavier

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since nobody knows much about ben i will tell you


he could create shields using gwens power and shot fire

he could survive in space with electric shields

ben could make him self intagible using bigchills power and freeze people

bens powers using diamond head makes his skin nearly indestructable

bens powers using swampfire allow him to regenerate any damaged limb he is even able to regenerate his head

bens powers using chromastone allow him to absorb any of energy type of energy and redirect it even electricity

he could fly the speeds of jets

ben using NRGs powers also makes him indestructable

he could also shot out echo waves using echo echos powers

using spidermonkeys ablities he's able to get enhanced reflexes and spider webs

using armodillos power it allows him to do what aggregor did in this movie

using humungasaurs he is cable of picking up huge houses like humogasur did in this video and etc.............................

0:54 humagasaur picks up house and then 3:02 he aggregor using armidillos power like ben could and disinegrated houses like aggregor did in video

i go with ben xmen cant even touch ben because of intagiblity and if he did his skin is indestructible plus he could absorb superman's lasers using chromostone and redirect it if he destroyes his body he could regenerate with swapfire then he'll just turn supes old using clockwork

in 0:33 he absorbs energy and he could also absorb webs like he did in 0:44

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@tronboy: this will be locked since there is not anime/manga here

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@SMXLR8 said:

@tronboy: this will be locked since there is not anime/manga here

Sorry but this is against the rules. You could put it on CV though.

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The battle must have at least one anime character in it.
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