Beast(Kong fu husle) VS Yuujiro Hanma(Baki Grabbler franchise)

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Morals on

No prep

No Knowledge

win by death

fight takes place in an abandoned city(with scy scraipers) in the morning.

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@Killer_of_trolls: Fill me in on Hanma can do please.

I already know what the Beast is capable of(being awesome) so I just need to know what his opponent can do to call this.

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first of all, at the age of sixteen he fought against 2 armies, the American and Vietnam, with his bear hands, didn't even put-on gloves, lol. and eventually, as you have may noticed in the OP image, he literally conquered America.

second, and his most famous feat, stopping an earthquake instantly by punching the ground. irrelevantly but that was between the ages of 30-40.

at the age of 18 he was officially the strongest creature on planet earth.

Also durable enough to tank 10 million volts of lightning quite easily

I don't know if this helps but he has a genius IQ, knows 20 languages, mastered every martial arts invented, and has high level medical knowledge.

personally, I don't think beast stands a chance, even if he uses his poison needles. because Yuujiro got shot in the back by enough tranquilizer bullets for a blue wale and he got up a 10 minutes later to drink beer.

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@Killer_of_trolls: Don't see how the Beast can beat him then...

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@Lil_Cal: WHAT?! no, this is the part where you sespond to me:

he didn't oneshot/confront the entire army at once, but was camouflaged in one area(under a river) and sneaked on each small group he spotted.

Beast could stop bullets from point blank range with one finger, therefore he could tank/dodge anything Yuujiro has. also Yuujiro has never shown anything close to such speed, therefore the beast should technically blitz him.

Yuujiro stopping an earthquake was pure WIS, due to it being phisically illogical to stop an earthquake with brute force, and that it's inconstant with the characters usual showings, cause if that wasn't true then each time he punched a human or made effort in a fight against a human being he should have squished/vaporized him.

No, knowing 20 langauges wont hel him.

real life martial art styles and real life science don't matter in KF hustle for obvious, and therefore irrelevant.

using the characters age process to imply gaining experience is a waist of time.

then I troll: " Ogres muscle back resemble a demon, so he wins due to PIS". then I kill myself

god I miss the old days when when there was more action in the battle forum. back then my username was "Rapest_of_super_heros"(and selled like that too).

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