Battle of the Papers: Yomiko Readman vs Konan

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This seems like a fun match to speculate about considering both gals can manipulate paper to their heart's content. Who do you think can win this one: Agent Paper of the British Library or Akatsuki's God Angel?

Yomiko Readman


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Readman is not called a Paper Master for being weak nor incompetent you know...  her weakness is water and fire , same goes to konan however even without her powers she can utilize her other skills to aid her.
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This match can go either way. Both gals are reliant upon paper as their main means of fighting which are quite vulnerable to fire and water. Yomiko can protect herself from projectile attacks with a single layer of paper and can control any paper within the proximity of her without having to be in physical contact with it, normally making use of paper to restrain or cut up enemies. She is also capable of forming it into whatever pops in her mind like a giant paper plane or a sword. Despite her apparent ditziness and letting her emotions get the better of her at some points, Yomiko does have very good reaction time to attack and defend against enemies. Konan uses her chakra to manipulate the paper she uses in battle as she can create clones and turn her body into thousands of paper sheets allowing her to freely manipulate its forms as she can use it to create wings on her back, fire off thousands of paper shurikens, create butterflies to spy on enemies, or quickly travel around by making paper airplanes. This battle would come down to who has the better control over paper manipulation.
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but the papers love yomiko and in the manga her paper is fireproof
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I say Readman wins, with her awesome reaction time

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Konan... exploding tags surround Yomiko and go off! Unless she can defend with papers (which would still be risky in case the thing catches fire)
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