Battle Of Nihility: Ulquiorra Cifer Vs Xemnas

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Ulquiorra Cifer Vs Xemnas


Scenario 1: Ulquiorra can only go Murciélago, bloodlusted

Scenario 2: Ulquiorra can go Segunda Etapa, In character

Scenario 3: Ulquiorra starts in Segunda Etapa, bloodlusted

- No holding back

- Both serious

- No prep

- No morality

- Aizen orders Ulquiorra to dispose of Xemnas, Xemnas needs to kill Ulquiorra before he kills Organization XIII

- Win by death

Location Las Noches

Who's Nihility will prevail?

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Xemnas kills Ulquiorra quickly. He can spam barriers, lasers, and swords. Since you said no holding back, I assume he will go into his Keyblade Armor form and start spamming hand lasers and Ethereal Blades. Also, does he have access to World of Nothingness? If he does, this battle ends quickly by utilizing the powers of the other members of Organization XIII. And seeing how he is the nobody of Xehanort and Terra, and also how he fought Sora and Riku and eventually overwhelmed them, I assume he has a high level of skill in sword arts. Plus he has magic and telekinesis. But if all else fails, he uses Invitation to Darkness and Ethereal Blade Barrage

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Xemnas has the means to beat ulquiorra in any form. Ulquiorra isn't surviving reality warping or having thousands to tens of thousand of lasers pelting him at once.
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I always wondered how powerful people from the kingdom hearts series were. Because I've played all the games and encountered nothing on the level of the likes of ulquiorra. Some solid evidence for these arguments would really assist me.

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