Battle of Corrupt Magi: Araya Souren vs Kotomine Kirei

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Both have been the thorns in the side of the protagonists of their respective Type-Moon titles. What if these two questionable religious figures met one another for a heated battle? Who do you think would win?
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Araya Souren have a moving bounded field and given the correct territory could even fight Ryougi Shiki, and somehow didn't die when his point of death is STABBED
he also grafted Buddha's remain into his arm, which apparently can move separately from his body
On the other corner however, We have Kotomine Kirie, the man who defeated a SERVANT  with a surekill technique AND the hand of SATAN. He also fought with shirou while his body is crumbling, this is not the pussy shirou from fate route, this is Shirou who killed Dark Berserker using it's own technique
Kirei would win, if this is random battle on the street, considering he have a ranged attack
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Okay, some things need to be stated here.

First and most important, Soren can not actually be killed. At least by Kirei. Also, Kirei can only defeat Caster or a located Assassin at close range. Kirei's Black Keys aren't going to be much good since they can only cut monsters effectively. And that's when the wielder believes in God. Soren just outranks Kirei in terms of strength. Kirei's fighting style damages someone internally. Soren actually punches through people. Kirei is the same strength in all routes, what changes is his conviction. In Fate, he just wanted revenge on Kiritsugu's legacy. In Heaven's Feel, he wanted revenge, and could actually have his wish of absolute suffering on all realized. In actuality, this would more likely be Souren's win. Unless maybe it's Fate/Zero Kirei. That was when he was at his peak. Kept up with Double Accel easily.

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@fayt_assassin: The fact that Soren had death lines and dots means that he could die. That's how the MEoDP work.

As for the black keys not working, they were made to work against beings as strong as Arcueid at 30% (granted that the only people capable of fighting Arcueid at 30% are VERY few and far between, i'm looking at you powered Ciel.) so I don't see why Kotomine would have trouble here.

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@CerusSerenade: This is wrong. Black Keys were made to kill fodder level vampires. In Ciel's route, Arc took a bunch of Black Keys from Ciel without a receiving a scratch, then Ciel calls her a monster since those Black Keys would have killed regular vampires 6 times over. Also, Kotomine's Black Keys =/= Ciel's, since they are materialized by the user's magical energy.

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I guess I missed that he had the dots and lines. They didn't show him that way in the anime. *sniff* episode 5.... so saaaaad.

Oh, and I understood it as they could only kill what the wielder could understand. So if that's the case, then maybe only Shiki(Akasha) could see Souren's lines? Yeah, cause Shiki couldn't kill Souren at their first fight, but Shiki(Akasha) nearly wiped the floor with him. Also, Dartz is right about the magic bit. I completely forgot that. Heh. This is fun. I should start coming up with some of these scenarios.

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@Dartz: This is true.

Souren stomps, now if this were Kiritsugu with origin bullets...

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Keep in mind Souren's superhuman capabilities and the fact that one must be preparing a spell, in other words, have prana flowing through their circuits for the origin bullets to take full effect. And if it's just a matter of physical blocking, Souren could use his left arm.

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ah, never mind on his left arm. Here, straight from the wikia, which hasn't let me down before.

He has a Śarīra, the sacred remains of devout Buddhist masters, embedded within his left arm. It belonged to an enlightened one who achieved "becoming extinguished, alive", so it has a resistance to the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. The ability to kill it by slashing the lines of death would require Shiki to decipher "advanced lines of death" that are levels higher than the normal concept of death, so she is unable to view such vulnerable parts by looking upon it. They are still just bones in the physical sense, so they are susceptible to burning to ashes and the force of a large impact is able to destroy them even with their natural protection.

He is effectively immortal in a sense due to his consciousness surviving even if his body should rot and crumble to dust. He differs from a puppet master who prepares bodies they created in advance in case they should die, but he instead cannot be said to die at all and simply switches to a spare body that slowly acclimates to his soul. The magical circuits, the wiring moving his physical form, reaches through the body and sublimates the temporary body into the real thing. With much experience in bringing physical bodies under his control, having gone through many bodies in his life, he can complete the process in half a day. He is a solitary existence, so he cannot flee if his body is destroyed, though Touko notes he will eventually return in time.

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