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G'day all and welcome to the battle forums.. a place you can pit your favourites against each other and discuss the outcome with other members on Vice..

but a few things to know!

For the Topic Creator:

  1. Be fair.. dont pit a MASSIVE character against a basic human when the win is obvious, match their powers, find similar characters and test their strengths, makes for a much better fight and discussion.
  2. Be clear about the battle, offer suggestions of a place, a time, what is going on around them? add a link to their page and specify what you belive the outcome would be. Try to desribe everthing about the fight so that people reading can be clear about what you were looking for. Its ok to just do one character vs another and nothing else but if you create a scene, the debate can be more fun
  3. Anime and Manga characters please, we dont want to see Paris Hilton vs George Bush.. as funny as that would be.. its not relevant
  4. Make sure that you are clear on your battle title (ie, Alucard vs Bleach) thus future users can find the battle if they look for it in searches and we wont have repeat threads.
  5. Make it fun but be fair

For commenters:

  1. Language, Language, Langauge.. I can not stress this enough, if you dont have anything to say but to swear at the person you disagree with then as my mumma said, say nothing at all. Use your brain, think it through if you disagree with someone then create a counter argument. 
  2. Again im going to stress, dont just abuse the person you disagree with.. think of a good argument for your case thats what makes battles fun.
  3. READ THE FIRST PAGE, dont just jump too the end and comment. Make sure your aware of what the creator is looking for and use it.
  4. Look up the character if you dont know them, dont just assume the character you know and love would "curb stomp" do your research
  5. Have fun and play nice 
If you can think of anything else to add, PM me and if you have any issues with the threads again PM me.

Also if you see anything that you are uncomfortable with or feel your being abused etc. Again please PM me and attach a link to the thread.



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