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Since Sonata, takashichea and myself have been making various tweaks to the original Battle Forum rules that were set up from three years ago, I think it is long due for a cleanup and overhaul for what was laid out before by Little_Sparrow. For current users, the rules for this forum aren't much different from what we've tweaked from the previous thread. However for new users, it would be a good idea to have an understanding of what rules you need to follow so things are enjoyable for your posting in here and to prevent any thread locks, warnings and bans from taking place.

General Rules

  1. With this being an anime/ manga site, any Battle thread created must include at least one anime and/or manga character. Any match created in here that doesn't include one will be locked on sight by the mods.
  2. Battle threads will be locked after either 200 posts or if a clear outcome has been determined. Exceptions to the rules are Challenge a Vicer (CAVs) and Tournament Threads. Some threads may be allowed to have an extension up to 400 posts via a community vote. Click on Over The Limit!: AV Battle Community Vote Thread for more information.
  3. Manga scans that have watermarks of pirated websites must be edited out and no links to a pirate site are allowed. Depending on the mod, any scans with pirate site watermarks will either be edited for you or will be removed from the post. Pirate site links, on the other hand, will be removed from a post on sight by a mod.
  4. Pictures of fighters involved and details on battle conditions (see below) must be included in the opening post of a match. If you choose to follow Default Battle Conditions (read below), please specify this within the post. Failure to do so in 24 hours will result in the match being locked.
  5. Please watch your spelling when making a match. Be sure character names are spelled properly and include "vs" for versus between character names/ teams for one-on-one and team matches. This is necessary for both mods and regular members to know if a match has already been created previously in the forum.
  6. If a character's first name is used within multiple titles, please specify the character's last name or what title they are from in the title or opening post of the thread when making a match. Please use official English names used by the official anime and manga publishing companies.
  7. Please make matches as fair as possible. Any thread with a match where one side is greatly outmatched or intentionally made to spite or flame the forum will be immediately locked. If you are having trouble with researching characters, please visit the Mismatch Center: Run by Battle Veterans! thread.
  8. Foul language and memes are allowed to be included in posts, so long as they aren't used to insult other users. Insults and flaming are highly frowned upon in debates for matches and punishment for this can vary from warnings, thread locks or temporary/ permanent bans depending on repeated offenses.
  9. Repeat threads aren't allowed and will be locked on sight if a mod finds one. Use the Search function to see if any match has been posted already before making one. An exception to this rule will be made if the characters involved in a prior match are at different levels or transformed states.
  10. Trolling (users intentionally insulting other users to incite flame wars and posting anything that is offensive and not relevant to a thread topic) won't be tolerated and users inciting such behavior will be disciplined with punishment dependent on the severity of their actions. If you are having trouble debating and can't find a resolution, please see this thread: How to Debate Politely.
  11. Much like wiki projects, plagiarism won't be tolerated in this forum. By this, I mean copying someone else's thread or project from this site or other battle forum sites and pasting all the information for it within a thread without the original creator's consent. If I find out any user has plagiarized off the content of another user without their permission, then they will be disciplined for it.

Image Posting Rules with Site Issues

  • If you're a user of mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and any smartphone that have difficulty posting pictures onto threads and lack any other means of accessing this site, let one of the mods know and we will include pictures onto the opening post of your thread.
  • The parchments used for tweaking or adding onto parts of your post won't function or render properly if you try accessing this site on a regular computer via Internet Explorer. To access this site properly, we would recommend you download and install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as those browsers enable full functionality and proper rendering of the post parchments. If you do have private access to a computer, you are still responsible for installing any of these browsers and posting your own images for the opening post of any match you make.
  • There is another helpful thread with suggestions on using Anime Vice's wiki galleries and other ways to post links in times of glitches. Furthermore, there is a request thread under management by a veteran battle members and wiki editors.

Match Details

To allow everyone posting in a match to know all they need to factor in for it, it is required that battle conditions for the match are specified in the opening post of the thread. Here is everything that should be included for match details, if necessary:

  • Character Versions (the attributes of a character per a particular saga/ continuity/ series, if they are in a transformed state, have certain abilities)
  • Setting (Location, time of day, any bystanders present, available resources)
  • Mentalities (If character is fighting with regular tactics/ mentality or are bloodlusted)
  • Knowledge (If characters in a match have knowledge of one another and any prep time [if so, specify how much])
  • Distance Apart
  • Gear (standard or special weapons/ tools/ items)
  • How Match is Won (incapacitation, submission, death, removed from battlefield, wiped from existence)
  • Special Conditions (time limits, handicaps, boundaries, etc...)

Types of Matches Allowed

Outside of one-on-one and team battles, these are the types of matches that will be allowed to be posted in the forum provided they follow Battle Forum Rules.

  • Handicap matches- Matches where one side has a numbers disadvantage in a match.
  • Gauntlet matches- Matches where a character(s) go up against multiple characters in a row. Battle conditions in the opening post should specify the characters that the one running the gauntlet will be up against and if the character(s) running the gauntlet gets fully recovered between matches, limited recovery time or must fight the next opponent(s) in line immediately afterward. Up to ten characters/ teams can be used in a gauntlet match, should have effort put at structuring characters in line from weakest to strongest where possible and the majority of those in the gauntlet must be anime/ manga characters.
  • Joke Battles- Non-serious matches that are allowed provided they don't get posted too frequently. Rules on banned characters (except religious gods) will be relaxed for these types of matches.
  • "Who Can Beat xxxxx?" Matches- Threads asking for any character(s) that can beat a specific character mentioned in the title of the thread. Must involve anime/ manga characters in some form per General Rules and a specific power scope must be specified within the match (Examples: city-level, continental, planetary, galactic, universal, multiversal.)
  • Battle Royales- Matches that involve a multiple number of combatants where the winner is the last one surviving.
  • Tournament Battles- Forum tournaments organized by a user involving set rules, anime/ manga characters and/or multiple Vice members. If the one organizing the tournament needs consulting on whether elements to their tournament follow forum rules, feel free to PM me or Sonata.
  • Challenge a Vicer (CAV) Match- Two Anime Vice members agree to a debate with one another involving a team of characters and agreed-upon conditions for the match.

Banned Battle Threads/ Characters

Due to specific types of characters and matches having potential to derail match discussion or potential to spark flame wars, they are banned from being posted and will be locked on sight. Here are the types of matches and characters not allowed to be posted in the Battle forum:

  • Superman Family vs DBZU characters at any level. This rule expands also to team matches where Superman and DBZ characters are on opposing sides.
  • Battle threads involving any godlike or near-godlike being from any form of media that are at least high-multiversal level or higher in scope. What I mean by this is characters that are fully omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (existing in all planes of reality within their title) or are close to all of these levels with some form of limitation that prevents them from gaining perfect status in all three. Characters that fulfill only one or two of these requirements in perfect or near-perfect status like abstracts or high-level reality warpers don't technically fall under any form of godlike status and thus are not banned.
  • Battle threads featuring characters with toonforcing. If the character only makes use of toonforcing for a small number of abilities and feats, then only their feats with the ability are banned and shouldn't be factored in for a match.
  • Characters with little to no feats.
  • Characters that are megaversal level or higher in terms of power (regardless if they are godlike or not)
  • A whole Universe vs one of more character threads.
  • Universe vs Universe threads
  • Fan-Fic Character battle threads (Ex: Made up fusion characters, and characters that have no legitimate feats in officially licensed Anime/Manga material.)
  • Vote Battle Threads.
  • Battle threads containing more than one match posted in the opening post.
  • Any matches that involve heavy buffing and/or nerfing to participants in a match to either make a match fair or one-sided in favor of a character. This rule extends also to battles involving composite characters combining the powersets of multiple characters or "you vs whomever" style battles that involve randomly generating a set of powers to use against an opposing side.

For a specific list of characters that meet the criteria to be banned in this forum, refer to the banned characters list for details and for suggestions on other characters that should be added.

Feats, Respect and Fan-Calc Threads

The Battles forum is made specifically in mind for matches and battle tournaments. If there are any feats, respect threads or fan-calcs you would like to devote a thread for, please add them to the General Discussion forum or any specific wiki forum thread that the topic would be relevant for. If the thread involves a character or topic not involving anime or manga, then post it in the Off-Topic forum. If you would like to make mention of your thread to those in the Battle forum, refer to the Facts and Feats thread and contact takashichea via PM to add the link for your thread onto the list.

Default Battle Conditions

In the event that no details or specific elements aren't specified in the opening post of a battle thread, specify that "Default Conditions" will be followed for a match. In such a case, these conditions will be laid out in place for a match:

  • Anime/ manga/ light novel characters involved are at stats as of current point or end of series. If all three have ongoing adaptations, whatever is further along in plot gets priority for judging capabilities. If the character is from a series franchise with different continuities, their strongest incarnation will be used in the match (Tenchi Muyo and Dragon Ball being notable examples).
  • Characters from other mediums will have their mainstream or most popular incarnations judged in the match. For instance, any match with Superman and other DC Comics characters will involve the post-Crisis versions of their characters.
  • Battles will be set in a large and indestructible grasslands area with characters 100 yards apart from one another.
  • All involved will be in character and battle is fought until the opponent(s) is incapacitated or killed.
  • Unless characters are from the same title, they have no knowledge of one another. If they are from the same title, they have knowledge of their opponent's abilities yet no time to prepare.
  • Characters involved will start off in base form (if they have transformed states) and will come into battle with standard weapons/ equipment (if applicable).

Pinned Topics

Threads pinned to the forum are only reserved for rules and special projects that involve the Battle forum community. They are not to be used for tournaments or individual matches. If you do have a project in mind that you think would be worth pinning to the the forum, let me or Sonata know and we will determine if said idea would be worthwhile enough to pin to the forum. There is a limit of ten threads that can be pinned to the forum at at time in order to avoid cluttering it.

Necroing Threads

I will allow older threads to be necroed without a time limit. However, think about whether or not the thread in question is still worth discussion. Many past matches are either one-sided yet were overloooked by the mods with being locked years earlier or the threads were made long before the Battle Forum Rules were overhauled by me, Sonata and takashichea from a couple years ago, notably with the addition of the Banned Character List. Any necroed thread that is one-sided, contains a now banned character or violates any other Battle Forum Rules will be locked on sight by me or any other forum mods.

If you want to share any suggestions or recommendations to the rules, please post a comment here or at this thread: Suggestion Box for Battlations.

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@Dream: If toonforcing is not allowed.. Then are the inventions of Lala or Gengai not allowed? They could almost create anything, gengai being able to create a dimension teleporting device that sent Yorozuya to other anime and even made them travel through dimensions, he even created time travelling machine and brain washing cyborg.. I was planning to create a Gauntlet with Lala and Gengai team..

Just a suggestion on "who can beat xxx" thread, OP should specify the power range of the characters to be mentioned, or else the answers will always be universal to multiversal beings..

Post by DBZ_universe (15,964 posts) See mini bio Level 17

I also helped with the rules T_T and dont get recognized even if it was a little...actually, I was the one who came up with the Supes family vs DBZU ban lol.

But good that we have a 2.0. version. Editing the other was bad already and sloppy.

Nice and awesome rules now!

Post by Dream (9,132 posts) See mini bio Level 21


If toonforcing is not allowed.. Then are the inventions of Lala or Gengai not allowed?

If said gadgets involve toonforcing to any degree, they aren't allowed to be used in matches.

Just a suggestion on "who can beat xxx" thread, OP should specify the power range of the characters to be mentioned, or else the answers will always be universal to multiversal beings..

Good idea. I notice a decent number of those matches always degenerate into folks whipping out omnipotent/ nigh-omnipotent beings or toonforcing characters. I'll tweak the match rules to include this.

My apologies for not addressing your suggestions sooner. The site slowdown we had over the weekend and me being at work much of today put a kink in me being able to immediately reply.

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Online Now

I wanted to say something. Back in the Fall 2013, I notice a lot of folks are debating, and when two sides are doing good but not willing to give up, sometimes the situation can turn ugly when they start over analyzing and nit picking each other's' points. All I can say is that you have to stop and say "Agree to Disagree." It's okay to do that. You guys did a good job of putting down your arguments, and we're all stubborn. As long as we do that, the debates should be fine.

I apologize for this. Since the site hasn't improved, I'll be lax with the image rule. If you guys contact me within 24 hours of creating a thread to help you upload images, I'll help and edit the OP and add images. I only ease back with the rules back in December 2013 when the site was lagging. For March, the site was lagging enough that no one was able to post anything. I couldn't really help back then.

I'll treat this like the IPAD and Phone Glitches but with conditions.

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Since you're still a new user here and haven't been active or replying to me, or any mods, I want you to check the battle rules. Let me know if you have questions. I have asked you twice already without any response. The only response I seen from you was towards

Post by Acura_Max (2,433 posts) See mini bio Level 13

Bumped for rule update

Post by takashichea (16,504 posts) See mini bio Level 25
Online Now

Tag Team Matches' combatants can only be from a maximum of 3 franchises.

Pros of the new rule

  • It's flexible and will not restrict number of combatants.
  • Having only 3 franchises will make reaching a conclusion easier in the threads.

At first, I was thinking 2, but I remember folks used a maximum of three. Three would be the max.


Everyone is welcome to vote for and against. Please share your thoughts.

Thanks to Acura Max for bumping this thread.

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@takashichea: I have this thread pinned to the Battle forum. All you had to do was enter the Battle forum and you would have seen this pinned.

As for your idea, I have to disagree with it. There are folks that like having characters from multiple anime/ manga franchises in their matches to offer up variety in how to judge the abilities of characters in comparison to other titles. Placing a restriction on franchises risks alienating some folks who like doing such matches.

Post by takashichea (16,504 posts) See mini bio Level 25
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I couldn't triple post. I needed someone to make a comment, so I can make a comment. I was wrong. I misunderstood your PM about that user's match up.

The multiple matches within a thread is pretty messy. I know restrictions would alienate a user. The current rule of having at least one anime character is in play.

I'll cancel my proposal.

Post by Acura_Max (2,433 posts) See mini bio Level 13

I'm going to have to agree with Dream on this one. Perhaps we can just ban battles with more than one battle in it? It looks like this type of thread is just being used so that people can do non-anime battles without the thread getting locked. Plus the battles like the ones above usually don't have deep debates like the regular battle threads since everyone is scrambling just to pick a winner for every fight. So, there's my two cents.

Post by Dream (9,132 posts) See mini bio Level 21

Just made the addition of battle threads containing more than one match posted in the opening post onto the banned list.

For some of you that have gotten in the habit of listing more than one match in a thread as of late, bombarding your opening posts with many matches limits potential for match discussion as not everyone has the patience to skim through and think of multiple outcomes for listed matches in a single thread.

Post by GeneralVan (2,986 posts) See mini bio Level 11

I have a suggestion. Many of us are curious about characters that can solo verses. I suggest we allow character vs verse battles once or twice a week. Not battles with obvious outcomes where the character can solo with ease such as Majin Dark Schneider vs Fairy Tail verse, SSJ3 Goku vs Bleach verse, Enrico Pucci with Stairway to Heaven vs Highschool DxD verse, Raditz vs HST (waiting for you SMXLR8). But closer matches or characters that can solo but using weaker incarnations of that character. Just thought about it and I think character vs verse battles once or twice a week would be good.

Post by Dream (9,132 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@GeneralVan: The problem with that proposal is that new members may either cluelessly create a battle where they don't know if one side is outclassed heavily in stats or intentionally set up a character vs universe style thread to spite or flame the forum. Banning such matches are meant to keep these events from happening.

Post by GeneralVan (2,986 posts) See mini bio Level 11

@Dream: Maybe then something like weakest Naruto character than can solo Fairy Tail or strongest DBZ character the Bleach verse can beat.

Post by Dream (9,132 posts) See mini bio Level 21

Not allowing it. Still has potential for flame bait.

Post by CerusSerenade (2,865 posts) See mini bio Level 10

I suggest the whole manga watermark thing be abolished. It's needlessly tedious and if we wanted to pirate manga, we'd do it regardless of what we see in a scan we use for proving feats. We use youtube anyway, which pirates everything, we already do what it says we can't.

Post by takashichea (16,504 posts) See mini bio Level 25
Online Now


It's not that tedious. I remember you and TheNeutralOne's discussions with piracy. It's not that hard to remove them. Takes a few seconds.

I have been removing watermarks for a while until I decided to just remove scans when so many folks don't read the rules. Please don't complain when you haven't done as much as I did.

Plus, I have created a thread that can help you: How To Show Scans or Any Images. You can use image sharing sites if Anime Vice is lagging. Just make sure the scans have no watermarks.

Post by Dream (9,132 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@CerusSerenade: I'm siding with taka on this one. This site isn't meant to promote pirate sites. Anyone with a basic understanding of using paint programs shouldn't have much time to waste in removing pirate site watermarks from scanlations.

Youtube's a grey area since it is technically a legal content provider site and it is out of the hands of the site's staff for anyone who uploads pirated content without their knowledge.

Post by CerusSerenade (2,865 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@Dream said:

@CerusSerenade: I'm siding with taka on this one. This site isn't meant to promote pirate sites. Anyone with a basic understanding of using paint programs shouldn't have much time to waste in removing pirate site watermarks from scanlations.

Youtube's a grey area since it is technically a legal content provider site and it is out of the hands of the site's staff for anyone who uploads pirated content without their knowledge.

The thing is even it if doesn't take much time, it makes people not want to post scans because considering how buggy Anime Vice has been as of late, it just isn't worth the trouble to debate anymore. The last thing we need is even more deterrence to thought out debate. Youtube is barely a grey area when you can look up nearly any anime and watch full episodes of it WITH THE NAME OF THE SITE THEY GOT IT FROM ON THE SCREEN. It just seems like you're arbitrarily asserting some sort of moral code which we have already broken. It's a waste of time and effort used to prevent "promotion of piracy" when we already do it with videos on youtube which may even have name of the piracy site on that video.

If you want to needlessly make posting scans more tedious, do it on your own time. Don't push your misguided sense of morals onto us when we already break them with youtube.

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