Battlation Of The Month: Kurohige (June 2014)

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Congratulations to Kurohige! Here is his introduction written by Kurohige whom I had the pleasure of interviewing.

Kurohige is currently 18 years old, and he just finished high school. He has been a member of Anime Vice since early 2009 with his first account: Tradog. Kurohige originally came here looking for a good debating site that involves anime as he previously debated on Youtube. However, Kurohige felt Youtube was too unorganized and cluttered to make any real progress with debates so he made an account here after reading some of the threads. The first battle thread that he ever made was Goku vs Superman from 5 years ago; back then, he knew his spelling, debating, and research ability was terrible. However, due to the help of great posters like Newdeath, Sonata, Nerx, Hellos, and Hitsusatsu11, he became a better debater. During his early days of Anime Vice, Kurohige spent a surprising amount of time in the Role Play section of the forums (see RPG forum) and RPed for a good 2-3 year with his first created character: Kurohige (see his first Bio) years before slowly declining from RPGs and moving more into the battle forums. As of late, he has met plenty of awesome people like SpeedForceSpider, Takashichea, and Dream who are just some of the many people who make this community great. Unfortunately, due to school and work, he didn't had enough time to do half the stuff or originally wanted to do on this site. His username came from his favorite villain from the favorite series at the time: Blackbeard from One Piece, known as Kurohige in Japanese.

Here are some of Kurohige's lists. Check out what characters he find the most epic of all time! See what Bleach Captains he ranked from the strongest to the weakest. In contrast to 's gun enthusiast hobbies, Kurohige is an avid sword collector. Which do you think is better, swords or guns?! Inspired by Bleach, he made a blog on the meaning of flowers. Check out what flower you could be representing. Finally, he put together an argument on Calcs and why they work.

His top 10 favorite manga/anime characters:

  1. Usagi (Sailor Moon)
  2. Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu yu Hakusho)
  3. Shiroishi Hajime (Ichi The Killer)
  4. Blackbeard (One Piece)
  5. Sajin Komamura (Bleach)
  6. Might Guy (Naruto)
  7. Okuyasu Nijimura (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
  8. Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom)
  9. Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slam Dunk)
  10. Keitaro Urashima (Love Hina)

His Battle Theme is!

His favorite battle threads were originally crossover battles as back around 2010 they were great, creative and interesting. However, now they have been done to death and there are not a lot of ideas for them, that or really obscure characters are used that nobody knows about so the thread dies. So as of now, he strongly favor in-verse battles as they are much easier, spark interesting discussion about not only the battle but the story as well, and the fight may be proven in the manga later on. He felt in-verse fights are not done nearly as much despite the fact that they make the most discussion.

Proudest Achievements

His proudest achievements so far are: doing my first ever review, Bleach: The Diamonddust Rebellion, on this site and receiving mostly positive feedback and getting up to over 4,000 wiki points on the pages belonging to: Hello Kitty, Blackbeard, Garouden, and Yugo as well as a few others. He plans on getting back into reviewing and wiki editing once I get more time. However, currently his proudest achievement on this site is winning Best Battle user of the month.

Credits for the banner:

Here are my links for recycling and reusing images. I give credit where credit is due. Sometimes, I have to make my own transparent PNG via Paint.Net. Using other images from users make a better banner because I'm not making transparent PNG.

  • Bleach Manga Chapter 556, page 12

Past Winners

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Wow. I remember Tradog. Perhaps I should've known but I was ignorant of the fact that it was you. Congratulations Kurohige!
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I forgot to link Tradog's account. I'll do it now.

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Congratulations on the win dude :D.

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congrats man!

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So do we wanna go with Justice League, 7 Deadly Sins or Shichibukai?
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Congrats my dude!
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Congrats man

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Due to some surprising development, the battle of the month will be on the front page from this point. Tom Pinchuk loves this idea. I shouldn't have kept it in the battle forums if I knew. I guess I was still a shy mod. Your thread will be the first one on the front page.

@SpeedForceSpider: @waybig1010101: @taichokage: @othus12: @Vapovile:

I'm sorry to the past winners because I never knew this was front page material. I wish I was braver and found out sooner. I would love to have the previous threads on the front page. Don't worry, if you become winners in the near future, it will be a different interview. I have to write different questions. Looking forward to working with you.

To Everyone Else:

Soon, this thread will be lock and routed to the front page. Please comment on the front page article when it's up. I have to prepare a front news article copy for this thread.

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The front page article has been posted. Kurohige's spotlight is the first in the battle forums. Of course, this means I have to work harder to produce quality interviews with battle users in the future. I admit I'm scared a bit. I'm not a good writer. It takes a lot of energy to help my interviewers to write the best bio of themselves.

This thread is locked and unpinned. Please visit the front page article. Thank you everyone for your support. I'm truly grateful to the staff for giving everyone a chance to see their work on the front page. It means a lot because this project just started in December 2013. Now, it's going to be on the front page.

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