Bardock vs Piccolo [Namek saga]

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Because his PL is unproven with that. Turning SSJ doesn't mean auto-win. Remember, Goku's pl was 3mil at Base level when he first went Super Saiyan. The only record we have of Bardock's is ten-thousand before he died. And according to the daizenshuu, SSJ pl increase is 50x. As I explained, Bardock's pl would only be 500k compared to Piccolo's 800k at this stage.
You say SSJ Bardock beat what? I saw what Chilled look like. He looked like a pudgy little tardo. We have no statements concerning Chilled's PL and as far as I can tell with Bardock, he'd only be as strong as Freeza's Base Form. And that doesn't mean that Chilled is that strong. Frankly, the Icer "Hero" for DBH looks more badass and promising. They should take all these new chars, put them in Ultimate Tenkaichi and/or add their race to DBO and get the game out.
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But in dragon ball z looks can be deceiving so that has no basis here Exibit a majin buu, he was one of the strongest chars in dbz but looked like a fat retard . Also ss bardock should be stronger than friezas base form by a lot because  if they were about even the fight wouldve continued for a long time, but not only did bardock  one shot him,  but none of his attacks had effect
On to the next part u say that the method could be via healing, but i think its more about how close towards death the person is or how damaged the person is. 
The reason i say this is because  during vegetas defeat on earth even though he was heavily damaged  he was still able to survive  a crawl to his spaceship, then fly to one of friezas planets. Thats a  very long time to survive  making it seem like even though he was heavily damaged he couldve survived a while with out dying. Now the second time he was knocked out  he was quickly returned, and also they didn't want him to die.  But the last two times he was meant to die, and barely alive.
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