Bambietta Basterbine VS Kenpachi Zaraki

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Bambietta starts out released
Kenpachi starts without his eyepatch
In character
Scenario 2: Kenpachi has his eyepatch on
This is pre-Unohana training Kenpachi

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Zaraki. Beat 3 stern Ritter easily including 1 who emulated his own power. Also presumably Shinji survived her explosion. Zaraki would do so with less troubles if necessary.
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I believe that her ability would be what takes him out.

he Explode (爆撃 (ジ・エクスプロード), Bakugeki (Ji Ekusupurōdo); Japanese for "Bombing"): Bambietta has the ability to turn anything that her Reishi and Reiatsu touches into a bomb. Because of this, her explosive attacks cannot be blocked. However, her attacks can be deflected before the explosion occurs, if hit by a sufficient force. By using her power, Bambietta can set off explosions within her close vicinity. Additionally, she can generate explosive energy around her, which radiates outward in a large globe and causes heavy damage to her surroundings.

When this is activated, a substantial amount of Reiatsu is released, resulting in the formation of a towering column of energy that ends in a large Quincy Cross, from which Bambietta emerges in the Quincy: Vollständig after the column shatters. In this form Bambietta develops large wings and a halo in the shape of a pentacle floating above her head. According to Giselle Gewelle, because of her idiocy and the power she gains from this form, Bambietta could end the whole battle against Soul Society before it really starts.

  • Flight: Using the Reishi wings generated by the Vollständig, Bambietta gains the ability to fly at high speeds.
  • Enhanced The Explode: While using Quincy: Vollständig, orbs of Reishi form underneath her wings. She can release these Reishi spheres from her wings, sending large quantities of them into her surroundings. Any item that comes in contact with these Reishi orbs becomes a bomb and explodes after a brief delay.

However if Kenpachi gets around that, than she is dead

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Bambietta casually blows Kenpachi up.@taichokage: Shinji was not hit by the one that turns you into the bomb.

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True, but I have doubts as to whether or not it could work against a reiatsu far greater. Haschwald remarked that Zaraki has a monstrous level of reiatsu, coming from the guy who is the most senior amongst the Stern Ritter after Yhwach himself. Also at this point, single strikes of Zaraki's blade leveled blocks. I don't know is Bambietta would avoid that in time. If that isn't the case then yes he gets blown to bits.
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@taichokage: I don't think she would have much trouble dealing with his speed. IMO she only went down so easily because she went up against someone who was immortal, which is a pretty bad matchup for an explosives fighter.

All the same, Kenpachi did take down 3 sternritter (one at a time, sure, but still). Though they seemed weaker than Bambi (never thought I'd say that), it's still impressive.

For now I'd say it could go either way. Even if Bambi does win, Kenpachi will definitely give her a tough time (it'd take a ton of her explosions to put him down).

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Even if it takes a few bombs it wont be hard for Bambi since Zaraki will never catch her.

Post by taichokage (17,930 posts) See mini bio Level 20
That's not inherently a problem. Most if not all foes Zaraki has faced were faster than him and had long range attacks.
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