Asura the Destructor VS Z

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Asura vs Z

In character

No knowledge

Win by Death

Fight somewhere in space

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This is a multi-galaxy buster(Asura)

After Yasha fitted Asura with the Mantra Reactor, Asura's body became capable of safely harnessing any amount of Mantra he could generate. When Chakravartin attempted to destroy Gaia with a powerful blast of Mantra, Asura stood in from of it and took the brunt of the attack, assuming the form of The Destructor. In this form, he

becomes larger than Gaia itself, his skin becomes grey-colored and he manifests six arms identical in appearance to those of his Mantra form. His power in this stage is immense and godlike in status, as during his battle with the Mantra God, his blasts destroyed multiple stars and planets and was able to punch a planet at least a hundred times bigger than him to the point where it broke apart.

vs a Universal + (low multiverse) Z,

Both are MFTL

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Z lolstomps.
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Z. Beyond having stats superior to nearly all of the DBZ cast, the characters in Asura's Wrath don't have a broad scope of abilities compared to other titles of their scope. This would make Asura quite vulnerable to being wiped out from existence by Z's Lighthawk Wings.

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@GeneralVan said:

Z lolstomps.

This lol.

Even Chakravartin gets killed by Z

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@Dream: I seem to remember the boss god, chakatawhatever, Asura was fighting said something literally like "im going to erase your existance" but was unable to because of Asuras power. I think this god was supposedly the nigh omnipotent god of creation to.

Im not certain though, I've never played the game just watched the cinematics when it first came out.

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