Ascended Saiyan Vegeta Vs Super Android 13 and Semi Perfect Cell

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vegeta wins , andrioid 13 and unperfect cell are pretty much the same in power, we all know vegeta can handle cell, however this andrioid knows vegetas every move and could be a problem for him but his supeiror speed will overcome the andriod and with final flash he could prolyl finish him

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What would happen if cell absorbed 13 o_0

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@Kobra678: I don't think he can because he is purely mechanical.

Vegeta should win this easily still, his power is clearly far above what 13 and Ceell shown in their forms. He did generate a blast that was able to damage Perfect Cell. So he can easily generate the power to destroy these two.

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Yeah Vegeta takes this, probably easy to. Vegeta had enough power to oneshot Cell if he truly wanted to. Cell fired a Galic Gun towards Vegeta and Vegeta did not bother to deflect or dodge it, he just stood there and tanked it. Super 13 won't fair any better as he is probably in the same ball park as Cell in power. Even if Vegeta is in character he still takes this. Cell manged to suprise Vegeta and caught him offguard but it did little to alter the outcome of the battle.

Cell can win if he absorbs Android 13 :)

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Vegeta stomps. FINAL FLASH.

@niBBit said:

Cell can win if he absorbs Android 13 :)

But 13 is a pure android lol.

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Vegeta stomps. He has a higher power level. That's the only argument I need.

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