As Nodt VS. Kaname Tousen

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1. In-character

2. Distance is 10 feet apart

3. No knowledge or prep

4. No bankai-stealing medalion

5. Battle takes place in Hueco mundo

Scenario 1:Both are in base form


Scenario 2: As Nodt is in Volstand and Tousen is in hollowfied


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Naturally, I consider As Nodt to be above Tousen but Tousen being blind has a particular counter to As Nodt's rather unique trump card.

Tousen being obsessed with justice could be exploited with fear thorns easily or not depending on his resolve, depending how you want to see it.

Unless fear thorns can somehow cut his through his bankai release.

Although Tousen's unique hollow release give him eyes which would backfire on his. His sound attack is powerful though.

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Oh that's not fair. Tousen is immune to Äs Nodt's Volstandig and Tousen is strong enough where even were he not he might still not lose. Tousen will get my vote here. In Grillar Grillo he can overpower him. And his bankai would probably be worse. Äs Nodt is probably fearful of the dark lol.
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SC1: Tousen kills him with just a sealed sword. He is quicker and is more skilled at CQC, which allows him to go for something that's very much an Iai-type attack like he did with Grimmjow. And we know that with just his sword he can cut through a patched Kenpachi (same one who tanked Komamura's Shikai). He'll have a much easier time if he could use his Shikai, and would outright rape with his Bankai. Tousen has conquered his fear anyway, so he'll resist The Fear.

SC2: Tousen murders him again, for reasons similiar to above.

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Tousen fights due to fear

Intensifying his fear will only buff him up

Plus the previous stated reasons

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Tousen's a lot more impressive than any other of the other Captains (or anyone in the series) when it comes to CQC, and considering As lacks the strength and agility to fend against someone like Tousen who's blunt and quick, he's going to have a difficult time tagging him with the thorns, and even by then the effects won't be as worse as they were when Byakuya was hit.

Plus he's blind so Vollstandig doesn't matter.

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