Are certain Hellsing really supersonic?

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The usual argument for how fast Hellsing characters are is that the fodder Nazi vampires from Millennium were able to outrun bullets and bullet-time .However, I could not for the life of me find any manga scans that support this hypothesis.

Aside from those feats all we've got from Hellsing is fairly impressive reaction feats like Alucard shooting super-sonic bayonets and catching a bullet in his teeth that caught with a Mac 2.8 plane also got an early bullet-timing feat from Seras but none of them seem to support the actual ability to move at that speed aside from blocking and dodging.

So my question is :

Does anyone have manga scans that show Nazi vampires doing any of the feats stated above?

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This is not a battle.

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@niBBit: @niBBit: no but the question relates to the battles which also goes in the battle forums at worst a mod will move it .

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@MrASSH0LE: I remember you always had an issue with this. I could accept that the fodder vampires aren't bullet timers, but certainly fast enough to dodge machine-gun fire (which puts them close IMO to bullet-timing).

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