Arcueid Brunnestud vs Gilgamesh

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Now as you mention. She might got took over by him in Melty Blood. But still I don't see any indication of it in Tsukihime. Though Ineed to check KT again. But anyways asuming that Arc would be taken over by CM or Gaia just for the sake of convinience. Such things aren't happening that way. With that idea we can say that Gilgamesh attacks her in a fully serious mode and one-shots her before she can even say a word. Ea is such thing. A Noble Phantasm way older than humanity or even Earth. Maybe even older than the universe as it represents the nonexistence before anything created there. 
I somehow doubt Arcueid even with 100% power can block a powerful(not like the one he did against Saber) blast from Ea and It's sure Ea can at least has a city-wide area of effect at max. He killed about 5000 lesser Heroic Spirits( Half of the Companion Cavalry summoned by Iskander's Iono Hetanoi) in Fate/ Zero without it taking much time.
But enough of the Ea's powers as it's maximal power is kind of uncertain. But if we assume that by some chance Arc may get taken over by either Gaia or CM we can also say that by some chance Gilgamesh gets really serious. Both are the same convenient happenings.
Anyways we don't get much further. We don't know much about either Arc's or Gilgamesh's full capabilities and we can only guess. It's sure it won't be a curbstomp-like fight for either in a typical situation. And I am sure one or two cities would get devestated in the process the very least.:p
Maybe we should lock this thread as we aren't getting anywhere actually. It's like a Goku vs Doradaemon fight.:p
One has immense power, the other immense amount of gadgets.:)
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