Archer(FSN) vs Uryuu Ishida(Bleach)

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@cfatalis: Well, he needs to copy an A rank NP regardless...You know tracing drops the weapon rank by one and Broken Phantasm just adds one to compensate. Of course it being Broken Phantasm( crazy ancient magic bomb to be short:p) it is sure enough to kill Berserker once.
That's why Bleach characters' endurance is crazy compared to that.  They can survive building-busting explosions with few scratches. Although Ishida has slightly weaker durability than "normal". But I am fairly sure he could protect himself against  a BP Direct hit even if he wouldn't take it very kindly.
Also we can't forget Ishida's crazy speed and rate of fire. He would dodge and intercept almost any attacks of Archer. I think Archer's chances to win:
In textbook stats: 20%
In actual combat: Roughly 55% or a bit less.
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@willyvereb: eh? the only worthy opponent ishida fought was mayuri....... and he was not even crazy prep mayuri
Ishida and Chad job was to kill a lot of mooks, one or two elite mooks, get kicked by a mini boss
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@cfatalis: It still doesn't change the fact he's dangerous and physically over a Servant's level. He's inexperienced but has a good sense of tactics.  Yeah he was defeated quite a few times but remember those were of the difference in power so the usual DBZ-style "I have the bigger aura" kind of beatings. And this time his opponent is the weaker one. Of course UBW and NPs are rather special and Archer loves being underestimated but the facts are facts.
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@willyvereb: when comparing total stats.......... archer would lose
but when comparing the dice roll and the strategy they would made
archer would win
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@cfatalis: It would be a close fight though regardless. I believe Archer has a bit more chance to win but I won't be surprised with either outcome.
In MMORPG terms we have:
 Archer: a veteran RP-er with a character 15 levels lower. As he knows the quests well he has all the good items he can have. He has some excellent trinkets.
Ishida: A skilled RP-er who's relatively new to that certain game though. He has the advantage of being much higher leveled but he has yet to know the little tricks and how to get the strongest item sets.
In that MMO 15 levels of difference is a serious handicap but not an impossible one.  In short that's how Archer vs Ishida fight would look like. In paper Ishida has the grand advantage for his crazy barrage but actually their chances are quite equal.

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@willyvereb: well it depend on what kind of MMO, i expect this to be WoW? with prepatched rouge? i don't think it's 15 it's more like 10
and also .hack i guess?
(you know..... beating level 100+ people because you can rengeki/hangeki and "awaken" quicker and better than them)
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Good battle IMO, not enough attention

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@Kobra678: No, not really.

It was when it was created back then, but today no. Hell same guy who's debating here (willyvereb) made a thread a moth or two ago in which Archer solos the majority of Bleach...

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letzt stil uryu would win.....otherwise archer wins.

his movements would become too fast for archer if he uses letzt stil

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Oh how we miss thee, willyvereb. ;_;

Let's see, both are about on par in speed and firing rate with their arrows. Ishida gains an advantage in physical stats if he resorts to Letzt Stil (Archer could still react to him, but the battle would get tricky) while Archer has superior firing range (up to about 2.5 miles, though I can't picture Archer getting that far from Uryu here) and better tools at his disposal via Projections and Unlimited Blade Works. In short, Archer would win most scenarios thanks to having greater options to use on his foe via Projections, though Uryu's chances of pulling a victory can go up if he resorts to Letzt Stil.

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Archer stomps, he don't really need to activate UBW.

GP spam or CQC fight is more than enough to take care of Ishida

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