Arale Norimaki VS The Hulk

Topic started by GrayWolf2 on May 5, 2012. Last post by othus12 2 years, 9 months ago.
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@eddz99: Goku can't move at Lightspeed, hes Hypersonic at best with Supersonic fighting speeds

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@eddz99: The topic was always about physical strength. Hulk is far far far stronger than Goku in physical terms. He's always far more durable.

Knowing Goku, he'll try and trade blows with Hulk and he'll be KO'd because he's never fought anyone that physically strong.

Goku isn't lightspeed.

If you wanna talk about another topic then create another thread. Don't derail this one.


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@Newdeath: If Gotenks a much lesser character is able to travel the planet 1/9 light speed, before the discovery of SS4 in DBGT Goku is highly likely to be able to travel faster than the illogical speed of light

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@eddz99: If we're considering SSJ4 Goku then perhaps, even if he doesn't have any good speed feats. SSJ3 Goku on the other is a different story.


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Arale & goku were very even in power so hulk takes this.

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the asteroid twice the size of earth feat is nothing....arale cracked a part of the sun which is thousands of times bigger than earth. toon force is unbeatable, eventually arale would send hulk flying across the universe with a kick.

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