anime-verse v.s. marvel and DC(read OP)

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 the earth is a war zone anyone that can fight in the anime verse is there(including final fantasy) dc and marvel are plainly out numbered however dc and marvel are stationed at central europe with nick furys army force and supplies(any thing nick fury has in his suppies except nukes and anything like nukes) nick fury is general. the anime verse is big on numbers and has north america,mexico,and south america  Lelouch is in charge of this masive army and the animy verse are equiped with nightmares this battle is all about land,air,and water if ur wondering why in going into specifics its because im trying to avoid the thing that happens in ALL threads(we all kno wat it is)  so who would win this war
P.S. imma also say this : 
NO pulling planet 
NO pulling galexy's 
NO blowing up planets cause in the reality u can breath in space  
NO ones immortal    
good guys only
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I'm sorry, but this is a stupid idea. For one, both sides have reality warpers like Haruhi. For two, the two universes just dont match up well. the "animeverse" would probably lose, because there are just too many guys in dc especially that have stupidly insane skill sets. If you make some more strict limits, this could be kind of fun, but until then it's worthless
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I just locked a thread like this! these threads only cause problems and are a weak debating concept. 
edit: o after reading AgentJ`s post i think i might consider leaving it be but only if you make a more strict rule list!
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