Anime Tournament Round 1: Kuro_San vs. TheBlackDragonz

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Yes, but as he ran up Bahamut SIN/TREMOR's back, proved it was solid mass as it was stood on. I'm sure that flying on it would be possible. And even still, Bahamut itself can fly on it's own and just go and level the forest in a random direction to provide it's own distraction.
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@TheBlackDragonz: Ok. But my issue is that I dont know with Cloud version you are using, AC or FFVII, as he is using the Buster Sword I thought he was FFVII version. So if your Cloud is FFVII version the summons are only strikers.

Either way

Smoker, Zoro and Ace

The trio form a cluster formation, with Smoker still in Logia form, glides in front of the group, will Zoro follows in the center, riding on Smoker (Not Logia in the moment) back and Ace covers the rearguard. Both Logia are ready to shield the team.


He spots Bahamut and moves towards the zone he appeared keeping a low profile, only to look around and inform of his finding to the rest, still moving swiftly towards the Pyramid

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Hm, good point. ////// Cloud - At the base of the pyramid, Cloud has Bahamut land and drop of Hakumen and Edward, while he and Noel plan to stay and hold off any possible attacks. Noel stands there to make it appear she is alone as Bahamut flies into the air to hide itself in the cloudy lower atmosphere. /////// Noel - Stand guard in front of the entrance and attack anyone from the opposing team who nears too close. /////// Hakumen and Edward - The two enter the pyramid, with Hakumen keeping close to Edward whom may be able to figure out if a rock floor or wall is fake without setting it off. Hakumen backs up a little bit and jams his sword into the wall to create a false passageway meant to decieve the other team while waiting for Edward to defuse a pit trap.
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The group reaches the surroundings of the Pyramid, and get reunited with Black Star, that informs the movements of the rival team and Bahamut. Smoker rushes inside, full Logia, inside the pyramid, near enough to alert Noel. Hoping that she is distracted Zoro uses the Hyakuhachi Pound Ho towards Noel and rushes towards her for the kill with Oni-giri, dodging bullets if he needs to, while Black Star enters in the Shadow Star Severed Shadow and blitz Cloud just after Ace throws a fire ball at him and ascends towards the top of the pyramid from outside ready to fight Bahamut. Smokers moves at top speed, using his training to track Hakumen and Edward whereabouts ready to strike them down

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