Anime Tournament Round 1: DBZ_universe vs. UltimateHero0406

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Mr. Popo has gotten bored up on Kami's Lookout, so he has decided to play a little game. Popo hid the 7 dragonballs throughout East City.

Your job is to find the seven dragonballs, and fend off the other team. Post any weapons your team members are using. Present your debates now.

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Neji - Uses Byakugan to search with his telescopic Xray vision. He is armed with kunai, shuriken, and paper bombs.

Toph - Uses earthbending to scan the area. Toph has her armor.

Kid - Can fly around and look with his skateboard, Beelzebub. Kid has Liz, Patty, and Beelzebub.

Pikachu - Will search on foot I guess. Has nothing but his moveset.

Toph, Neji, and Kid will also be able to keep an eye out for any incoming enemies.

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Roy Mustang - has knowledge of how a dragon ball looks like, he use alchemy to transmute the ground and creat a fake replica of the 1 star Dragon Ball and also identical smell to it. (he has a philosopher's stone) and tells his partners what they must do to lacate the DBs

Wrath - With his ultimate eye is looking through the city and ready to fight any enemy he spies with his new sword made of diamonds that was created thanks to Roy's alchemy and his philosopher's stone.

Gen Shishio - With his super scent, he has picked up the smell of the Dragon Balls and has located the 5 star dragon ball in a random house and reported it immediately to Roy. And he is after the rest as we speak.

Sora - is airborne. Sora has found one of the enemies, and it seems it's a tiny mouse Pokemon, he goes to face the little mouse by kicking him with a surprise hit....

@UltimateHero0406: Your turn!

What is Pika gonna do?

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@DBZ_universe: Pikachu will counter with iron tail.

Neji sees Gen coming mounts a surprise attack against Gen by throwing a paper bomb attached to a kunai knife.

Toph encounters Mustang and begins to talk trash. He makes an explosion. She blocks it with a rock wall and sends part of it headed his way.

Kid spots Wrath from the air and is disgusted by how asymmetrical he is. Kid makes a quick descent while taking shots with Liz and Patty.

What say you?

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@UltimateHero0406: Sora blocks Iron Tail, he sees a Dragon Ball near by so he picks up a huge rock with his magic and trows it at Pikachu then....

Gen dodges the paper bomb with the kunai, and he strikes Neji instantly by slashing his leg of with his huge ayakashi werewolf claws... then

Roy claps his hands and transmutes a wall to protect him (take note that this is Roy 2 years after father) from the incoming attack, he sees Toph getting close, then he heats ups Toph armor with a ridiculous temperature and the only way for Toph to save her self is to remove the armor, but in the process she brakes Roy's right leg by throwing a rock and Roy is in the ground.

Wrath dodges the attacks of the Shinigami, then gets face to face with him and strikes and then......

Your turn man!

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@DBZ_universe: Pikachu dodges and starts speed blitzing with quick attack.

Neji is injured. Gen comes in for a second strike but gets too close and gets caught in the 8 trigrams.

Toph sends another boulder his way and he rolls out if the way. Mustang creates a massive explosion as a diversion and tries to get away and regroup. Toph's entire left arm is singed.

Kid dodges the sword strikes and takes some more shots. Wrath cuts the bullets in half and comes in for more swings. Kid gets cut but ends up tripping Bradley in the process and tries to shoot him while he's off his feet.

Your go dude!

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Really liking the battle guys. Keep it up.
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@UltimateHero0406: Sora gets hit in the face by Pikachu's quick attack(and has a bloody nose), then when he sees Pikachu in the clear, he hits the floor with his key blade and creates a little earthquake (strong enough to knock of Pikachu out of his feet) and it is Supper Effective!

Gen recovers fast thanks to his high regeneration powers, and after he counters back by trying to slash Neji's neck and he succeeds due to the fact that Neji's leg is very bad injured and it's over for Neji, and Gen found that Neji had the 6 star Dragon Ball and he took it and went to find the others to help out.

Toph trips Roy while he was running, then Roy once again transmutes fire and sends it flying to Toph.

Wrath, with his Ultimate eye sees all the attacks that kid is throwing, then Kid drops Liz and Paty (Wrath does not know they are human weapons) and Wrath found that strange... so he goes to attack Kid, and out of nowhere a gun is in he back of his head, Liz is holding the gun to Wrath's back of the head... and then...

Your turn! man this is awesome! better than RPG IMO

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@DBZ_universe: Pikachu get back up and charges at Sora with volt tackle. Sora tries to get out of the way but Pikachu changes direction at the last second and the attack connects. Sora drops the dragon ball.

The fire whips up smoke. Mustang figures he got Toph with it and limps away. But out of nowhere a cloud of dirt overtakes the entire area and Roy is blinded (again lol). Mustang is taking shots all over the place trying to clear away the dust. But its too late. A large chunk of rock flies at him from behind and hits him in the head, knocking him unconscious and bleeding. Toph binds him with some chunks of metal and takes his dragon ball. Toph says, "You are one weird firebender pal.", and takes off to help Kid.

Liz takes the shot and blows Wrath's brains out. They think he is dead and begin to walk away. But he gets up and stabs Kid in the stomach from behind. Kid kicks the sword out of Wrath's hand leaving him only one. Kid becomes even more disgusted with Wrath's asymetricallity and kicks things up a notch. He upgrades Liz and Patty with resonance. Wrath gets ready to evade when the ground beneath him suck his legs in and the walls grab his arms. Toph earthbended him into quit a jam. Kid takes multiple shots, each one blowing Wrath's body apart little by little. Wrath is losing a lot of blood.

This is the battle of the century!

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@UltimateHero0406: Sora gets back up, and Pikachu is about to do another Volt Tackle... and out of Nowhere, Gen Shishio cuts Pikachu in half thus saving Sora and now they have 3 DBs....

As Toph is walks away, red lights are coming out of nowhere and it's Roy getting back up thanks to the Philosopher's stone he brought.... and he was at a rage and went to look for Toph so he could finish up everything, then he sees Wrath getting blown to pieces..... so he burns Tophs eye sockets and Toph was in the ground in pain... (tho she was already blind, this made it even worse) then Kid shoots Roy in the chest and Roy regenerates back and snaps the biggest fire ever.... but some how they were saved thanks to Toph desperate reaction (she had build a little cave that protect then form the fire), but Roy claps his hand and transmutes the rock into dust and then.......

Your turn my sir!

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Nice debating guys!

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@DBZ_universe: Roy breaks the cave to find Toph and kid gone. Another dust cloud fills the area and Mustang is getting ready for another surprise attack. He sees something moving towards him and blows it to hell. But it was just a stone dummy. He is confused when Kid lands on him from above. He tries to get another transmutation going, but it is too late. Kid put both guns to his head and...BANG! Gen is not fooled by the cloud due to his sense of smell and takes a lunge at kid. But all of the sudden, a boulder comes flying from behind Kid and hits Gen. He tries to get back up but an enraged Toph piles multiple chunks of metal on top of him and wraps him in it. She then stomps the whole thing downward, burying Gen about 20 feet below the surface. Since Roy is dead, she feels safe building metal armor again. They then turn their attention to Wrath, but he is gone. However, they see a trail of blood and follow it. It is a dead end so Toph searches the area using earthbending.

YOUR MOVE! YU-GI-OH!!! Its time to du du du du dududududu DUEL!

@SpeedForceSpider: Thanks bro.

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@UltimateHero0406: Fosho!

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@UltimateHero0406: Wrath escaped with the Philosopher's stone that Roy had and healed his wounds 100%.... and goes after Kid and Toph.

Gen comes up to the surface, and he is now transformed into his Ayakashi Werewolf transformation... and he remembered that before his quest started, he had his restraining tattoo removed so he wouldn't feel stress, so goes to find Kid and Toph. He finds them, and in a instant moment Kid turns around and Toph was cut in half by Gen (even her armor wasn't durable enough for Gen's strong and powerful claws), and he sees Gen... and points at him and gets stabbed from behind by Wrath and Gen is ready to destroy Kid.... and then.....

Your turn!

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@DBZ_universe: Neji swoops in for the rescue! It turns out he used a substitution jutsu to pretend he was dead. He throws another kunai bomb at Wrath. It explodes and Wrath's arm comes off. He has lost his other sword. Gen goes to kill Neji but he uses 8 trigrams rotation to block the hit and send Gen flying. Kid restarts his resonance. Wrath is recovering and going to grab his sword. Neji quickly steps in and hits him with 8 trigrams 64 palms. All of Wrath's organs have ruptured and he has lost a massive amount of blood. While Neji is distracted Gen comes in for the kill on Neji. But Kid blocks the claw and kicks Gen up in the air. Kid jumps up to meet him and puts both Death cannons in Gen's face and fires. Gen flies downward to the ground. Before Gen can get up, Kid picks up Wrath's sword and runs it through Gen's heart. Kid then jumps in the air directly above Gen and and fires his death cannons 3 times. Gen is dead. Neji is killing Wrath as fast as he can recover and trying to kill him but cannot understand why he is not dying. Neji then takes a look inside Wrath's body with his byakugan and sees the Philosopher's stone. He tells Kid what to aim for and they are about to double team Wrath.

Also before we go any further, I remember you saying that you didn't watch Naruto or something like that. So watch this to get a feel for how strong Neji is and what he can do. Keep in mind that this is nowhere near the end of the first series and keep an eye out for his durability and stamina feats near the end. So in short, he's awesome. Any questions?

Bad boy bad boys. Whacha gon do when they come 4 u? lol

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@UltimateHero0406: In the out of no where, Gen, Roy and Wrath are healed perfectly fine! and team Kid is confused and they turn to the right... and it was Sora who revived Roy.... (While he saw Gen regenerating he helped him healed faster) thanks to his healing and reviving magic... Then he teleports behind Neji and kills him with a fatal blow, and he summons the Ginnie to help him out against Kid... while Kid is tired and helpless.... he takes various punishment and when he is getting back up, Gen slashes his head off and Roy's team has all the 7 dragon balls now.

Now what? you forgot about Sora! he is my trump card for no reason!

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Dayum shit got real.

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

Dayum shit got real.

jaja lol

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@DBZ_universe: Damn, I guess you win then. I never did play Kingdom Hearts so I didn't know about Sora.

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@UltimateHero0406: Sora is hax to be honest.

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