Anime characters that can STOMP Superman PRIME

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@DBZ_universe said:

@Low: To make him think he can avoid KS but never did in the first place.

Not sure if you are trolling. Tsuna can literally see through KS with no difficulty. Tsuna has no difficulty against powerful telepaths such as Rokudo Mukuro who can control people in Japan from thousands of miles away in a prison in Italy. Aizen is fodder compared to illusionists such as Rokudo Mukuro and Torikabuto, who could make illusions so powerful, they transcend reality itself, where illusions are no longer applicable to just the casted, but everyone in the vicinity, regardless of whether or not they are selectively targetted.

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@Low: That is what Aizen wants you to think...but in reality Aizen IS Tsuna.,,.

Lol dude I am just joking and kinda trolling here. IDK if you saw my comversation with Taicho but even he knows that I love playing around as he does it too at times. By what you told me of Tsuna he can take out Aizen. I love trolling with Aizen since Kubo made him such a troll. Is like Toriko killed Aizen but out of no where it was Aizen who killed Superman Prime 1 Million and Toriko was never Toriko but a magikarp and all this was Aizen' doing.

In AV some of us like to troll a bit and just joke, this is what makes AV amazing...well not AV but our users.

Sorry for my trolling.

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@DBZ_universe: lol alright. I guess I'm sort of slow on troll-intake.

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@Low: Again sorry for that.

But hey at leat am not a fanboy lol (was back then tho T_T)

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............. flandre could lol stomp

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Excluding game or visual novel character...haruka kaminogi, kami tenchi, the chousins.

Problem is that SPOM is featless, and is judge only by assumed capabilities......

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