Anime characters that can STOMP Superman PRIME

Topic started by flashback180 on March 9, 2014. Last post by Dream 3 weeks, 5 days ago.
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^Sakamaki Izayoi can probably beat him.

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Superb*tch is supposed to be universe level with Guardian armor, so I'll say any character equal or beyond Darsh.

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I'm gonna just go out on a limb here and say *Insert Japanese light novel character here* can beat him.

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@Kurohige: Lol, sounds about right. I don't know why Novel characters tend to be so powerful.

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@taichokage: No clue, then again, with DC the flat out stated they make Superman "as strong as he needs to be" so I guess at any point he could simply get to those crazy levels too, I mean Marvel already made the "Omniverse" a thing so why not. But yeah those visual novel characters are normally pretty powerful, in their defense some are not really as strong as some people (Including myself) like to believe all the time, I remember the I am a zombie novels required a ton of inferring of author intent (you may be able to find a thread on here that was argued a ton.) to the point where instead of actual feats we have people pasting an entire wiki's worth of text from the novel to debate with each other. So it's not like that flat out stated the feats.

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@taichokage: in novels feats and details of characters are being specified and explained much than actual comics or animations. It's statements are much clearer and more credible to use. Also, sometimes when you adapt a novel into animation or manga/comics, it gets weaker. Take D for example.

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This baby hasn't had its conditions edited in 24 hours to include a limit to destructive capacity for those mentioned in this match, thus I shall now lock this up.

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