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Seeing as we haven't had any kind of tournament done in a while, figured I would try this out by having characters from various anime/ manga titles duke it out in a tournament format. As long as said character has been in an anime or manga series, they are eligible for entry in this tournament. I would like to at least set up a field of 32 entrants at least and willing to go as high as 64 if possible. I'll be thinking about how the tournament rules will be once we get into the tourney phase. But for now, here are rules for nominations:

  • There will be limits on who gets nominated dependent on stats and abilities. For stats, no one above hypersonic speeds (Mach 40 or lower) and mountain-busting destructive ability and durability. Characters with abilities that are too hax (reality warping, instant kill techniques, manipulation of concepts, etc...) or vague will either be nerfed or banned depending on the extent of the ability.
  • Keep in mind that battles in the tournament will be fought by knockout or death thus characters who have the ability to win via any kind of battlefield removal will be banned from using such an ability in their matches. However if such ability allows a character to target specific body parts of their foe, the ability will be allowed.
  • Characters nominated will either be at whatever is the strongest level they were at in their source material or whatever conforms to the stat/ ability rule above. Any character nominated must have a reasonable number of feats that can be judged when tournament matches start up.
  • No more than four characters from an anime/manga franchise will be allowed to participate. This will allow more diversity in the matchups that take place with characters from different franchises instead of seeing matchups one would have already seen from said anime/ manga title. So first come, first serve on who is nominated.
  • I will take nominations for either up to two weeks or when 64 characters are racked up. In the unlikely event that there are less than 32 nominees listed by the time the two weeks are up, nominations will remain open until 32 spots are filled.

Otherwise, feel free to pitch who you would want to see in this tournament.

Current Entrants by Franchise (48):

-One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji and Trafalgar Law

-Toriko: Toriko, Zebura, Coco and Sani

-Claymore: Teresa

-Naruto: Hatake Kakashi, Rock Lee, Naruto Uzumaki, Gaara

-Hunter x Hunter: Gon Freecss, Hisoka

-Fullmetal Alchemist: King Bradley, Lin-Greed, Selim "Pride" Bradley

-Kekkaishi: Gen Shishio

-Hellsing: Alexander Anderson, Walter Dornez (vampire)

-Dragon Ball: Goku (Piccolo Daimao saga level)

-Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin Himura, Hiko Seijuro

-Street Fighter: Ryu

-Sengoku Basara: Date Masamune

-Inuyasha: Inuyasha

-Shaman King: Yoh Asakura

-Legend of Zelda: Link (Majora's Mask)

-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Joseph Joestar

-Kongou Banchou: Machine Banchou

-Fist of the North Star: Kenshiro

-History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi: Kenichi Shirahama

-Tenjho Tenge: Bunshichi Taware

-Fairy Tail: Erza Scarlet

-Yuyu Hakusho: Yusuke Urameshi (Dark Tournament arc level)

-Afro Samurai: Afro Samurai

-Baki the Grappler: Yujiro Hanma

-Final Fantasy: Zack Fair

-Pokemon: Mewtwo

-Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki (Hollow Mask in Arrancar arc)

-Psyren: Yoshina Ageha
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Takeshi Yamamoto and Xanxus
-s-CRY-ed: Kazuma (Shell Bullet only)
-Flame of Recca: Recca Hanabishi
-Katanagatari: Shichika Yasuri
-Kaze no Stigma: Yagami Kazuma

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@Dream:Lol, all Umineko characters that I was going to name, were vanished by first rule. I'll think on other for now

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i want you to consider the following characters:

roronoa zoro (one piece)

zebura (toriko)

teresa of the faint smile (claymore)

toriko (toriko)

Monkey D. luffy (one piece)

Gon freecs (hunter x hunter)

kakashi hatake (naruto)

thats all, thanks

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@othus12: All eight are entered.
Post by Asune (1,191 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Dream: Hisoka is necessary on this

Post by Dream (9,138 posts) See mini bio Level 21
@Asune: Added.
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Wow this is really cool Dream!!!! anyways these are my participants only 7... King "Wrath" Bradley (FMA), Gen Shishio (Kekkaishi), Alexander (Hellsing), Arele Norimaki (Dr. Slump), 21st Budokai Goku, Himura Kenshin (Rorouni Kenshin), Ryu (Street Fighter)
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@Dream: do we pick one character or multiple?

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@DBZ_universe: hey hey, goku can burst the moon thats not fair

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@DBZ_universe: I've entered in all but Arale. I can't allow her in since many of her abilities involve use of Toonforce.
EDIT: Actually to make things more interesting and fair, I'll use Kid Goku at his stats from the Piccolo Daimao saga for this tourney.
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@FormerCrimsonKing: Multiple character nominations are allowed as long as they are in line with the rules I have above.
@othus12: Goku's Kamehameha was nowhere as powerful as it was in later sagas around the time of the 21st Budokai. All phases of Kid Goku from Dragonball would be okay to use in this tourney.
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@Dream: ok thx

1. Eos Lucia(RAVE)

2. Asura(RAVE)

3. Keith White(Project ARMS)

4. Kubira(SDK)

5. Beserker(Fate)

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@FormerCrimsonKing: Can't include Keith and the RAVE characters because of either having too many broken abilities or speed that greatly surpasses the cap I have in line. 
A couple questions on the other two:
1. Can't find much info on Kubira other than what's posted on Wikipedia since I haven't ventured into Samurai Deeper Kyo. Does his ability to copy the feared/ respected foe of his opponent have any limitations and what are his stats?
2. Which Berserker are you using: Zero or Stay Night? Stay Night version could be a bit broken thanks to how God Hand works for Heracles while Lancelot would be okay to use here.
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Got a PM request from othus12 to add in Sengoku Basara's Date Masamune. He is now added.
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lets add more characters, i will post here so everyone can see:

-Date masamune (sengoku basara)

-inuyasha (inuyasha)

-asakura yoh (shaman king)

-Link (legend of zelda majoras mask manga) i hope this one enters,he does have a manga for ocarina of time and majoras mask,so consider it plz, if he enters i want the MM version (access to all masks)

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@Dream: Can you add Pegasus Seiya from Saint Seiya? If we use his first cloth it should be fair right?

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@othus12: I already added Date from your PM earlier. The other three will be allowed, though Inuyasha will be barred from using the Meidou form of his Tetsusaiga since it could create BFR scenarios with its attacks.
@SpeedForceSpider: I'm not too familiar with Saint Seiya's earlier stuff as I'm mostly familiar with its more powerful feats through online sites. Can you give me details on feats and abilities with the cloth?
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Depends, From what part of the story are you using Seiya with his bronze cloth?

In the first few chapters he was only mach 1 with pretty poor destructive capacity, but as soon as it hit's the sactuary saga they all get massive powerups e.g. 7th sense, LS reactions and combat etc.

If i were you, i'd use someone else Speedforcespider.

You either going to have seiya who isn't good enough or Seiya who is to strong xD

Post by othus12 (8,671 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@Dream: bronze saints can fight at the speed of sound, his signature move pegasus ryu sei ken can hit the opponent a hundred times per second by compressing his cosmos into the attack, i have to say that if you allow seiya to enter you must "water him down" by stopping him from reaching the 7th sense which makes him fight at the speed of light.

by feats he managed to defeat a silver saint which supposedly fought at match 3 or so, later on he also injured the saint of tauros which fought at lightspeed (through rising his cosmos reaching the 7th sense).

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@GoodGamerSambo: He actually reaches hypersonic speeds, if he burns his cosmos high enough before briefly reaching the speed of light. The Seiya that beat the Silver Saints should suffice, Gold Saint tier of course is too powerful.

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