Angemon vs Myotismon

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Considering the evolved forms of Angemon are the strongest in their levels for the first generation of Digidestined and capable of being threats to even higher level Virus-type Digimon (i.e. Angemon dealing with Ultimate level and Magnaangemon with Mega level), figured I would try this out. With no aid from the other Digidestined and their Digimon, could Angemon be capable of defeating Myotismon single-handedly?

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Nah, I don't think so. Myotismon no-sold multiple ultimate level attacks (he took them head on in the game with nary a scratch!) plus IIRC he was barely hurt by a Heaven's Knuckle from Angemon. He takes this easy.

I'd also like to point out that this only applies to Adventure Myotismon. V-Tamer one was oneshotted by Veedramon, DMW1 Myotismon was defeated/"ruined" by Devimon and so on. It seems like they never had in mind for him to be a powerful ultimate but later changed that in the anime. XW:YH Myotismon was also damn powerful.

BTW, are you doing a run of Digimon or something? Or you've already watched it? Just curious cause I've never seen you talk about Digimon before.

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@MohsinMan99:Seen Digimon quite a bit throughout high school and recalled seeing him consistently portrayed as the strongest, in levels, for the first series. Reason I put this match together was because despite being only Champion level, Angemon's Hand of Fate, before Angewomon came along, was the only attack from the Digidestined that Myotismon couldn't deflect and the attack was capable of offing Phantomon, an Ultimate-level Digimon.

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Been a while since I watched it, so not entirely sure. If I remember right Angemon was at least able to damage Myotismon, but Myotismon was then successful in fighting off all 7 of the chosen children (Perfect/Ultimate forms for all but Takeru) at the same time. I think Angewomon only won with an "All of your powers combined" attack. 1 on 1 against just Angemon I think Myotismon would take it convincingly.
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Normally not my style, but let's bump this back from the dead.

After seeing the first season of Digimon after many years, guess it's time I highlight some facts.

  • As I covered in my last post for this thread, he is consistently portrayed as the strongest of the Digimon in levels among the Digidestined, his abilities being powerful enough where he can compete with Digimon a level higher than him.
  • His Hand of Fate was the only attack of the Digidestined that Myotismon couldn't shake off compared to many of the other Digidestined Ultimates before Angewomon came about. One use of it tore through Myotismon's Crimson Lightning attack and a second use struck the Ultimate-level Digimon with a crippling blow. The same attack was able to destroy Phantomon, another Ultimate-level Digimon.
  • In his Ultimate-level form of Magnaangemon, he was capable of forcing Piedmon to retreat in their first scuffle with one another and was on near-equal footing with Blackwargreymon, almost driving the Control Spire Digimon into his Gate of Destiny attack single-handedly when two Ultimate-level DNA fused Digimon couldn't dent him. Both of the mentioned enemy Digimon were at the Mega level.

@Petiew: Angewomon used her Heaven's Charm attack to paralyze Myotismon and leave him very vulnerable to attack, hence how he was killed the first time.

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I would put my money on MagnaAngemon

you know he hit that
you know he hit that
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Myotismon seemed to do ok against both angemon and weregarurumon simultaneously iirc
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