Android 19 vs Freeza

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alright so this is how it goes down, freeza in final form, battle is on namek (pre desttruction) 
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id say android 19 due to his energy absorbing
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Android 19, since he would probably have prior knowledge of Freeza and thus, would have an advantage.
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Frieza was the stronger of the two, 19 only went against a terminally ill Goku prior to being demolished by Vegeta. Goku was severely weakened which was the only thing that made 19 look tough, he was handled rather easily compared to Frieza... I think Frieza is smart enough to adapt to the energy absorbstion and avoid the palms of 19's hands like Vegeta did.
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android 19 is stronger ....(Goku trained for 4 years after the namek,we can assume when he fought 19 , even wikened by the ilness he could defeat frieza and sick goku=19)....+android 19 could absorb energy and as an android it never got tired....
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Sure Goku was stronger than even Trunks (as seen when he stopped his sword attacks using a single finger), who easily defeated Frieza. But Android 19 was easily defeated by Vegeta, who was on the same level as Trunks (or maybe even a bit weaker, seeing as how he had just become a SS). Hmm, I think is safe to say that Android 19 and Frieza are roughly on the same level.
Frieza can probably beat 19 if he hits him with a DD.
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frieza is 2 fast for that piece of junk
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naw Im going with frieza since 19 has no knowledge on frieza, and also  frieza could actually compete with a supersaiyan while 19 could not even while  vegeta was toying with him
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Frieza should win. He managed to hold his own quite well against an enraged though untrained Super Saiyan Goku. Android 19 however didn't even stand a chance against Goku at first, until his terminal disease kicked in and gave the android an advantage in battle. Though 19 may have an advantage with his energy absorbing powers, Frieza is smart enough to take notice of them and avoid the android's palms. 
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Freeza should take this if he starts using a significant portion of his power. Power level-wise C 19 is on the low million range at best.
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Frieza should win this one easily
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wait, are you ppl comparing an inexperienced ssj goku to a ssj vegeta?? ssj vegeta would stomp both frieza and goku at that point even easier than he did 19....... frieza was no match fro ssj trunks who was weaker than ssj goku(on earth)....ssj vegeta is atleast comparable or stronger than that goku. so you cant compare 19 getting his ass stomped by vegeta to goku's fight with frieza...hell, frieza got stomped by trunks who was weaker than vegeta so cut all that nonsense out
but as far as this battle goes
19 would win. frieza has no info on 19's absorbing energy abilities and frieza's main attacks are energy blasts.... the fight would most likely go like this in all seriousness:  
19 & frieza begin battle and trade blows..they will most likely be even at the beginning but then 19 gets the upper hand due to him being an android and doesnt tire, while frieza becomes exhausted. frieza then gets desperate and  tries to blast 19 away with a huge energy attack, 19 absorbs the energy,  and gets alot stronger. & and frieza being frieza would get mad because his attack did nothin to 19, then attempt to blow up the planet but most like wouldnt have enough energy left to one shot the planet but heavily damage it. then 19 would proceed to end the battle.
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Freiza > Android 19 
Android 19 > Severely weakened SSJ Goku  
As long as Freiza does not allow Android 19 to absorb too much energy. This should be a walk in the park. 
SSJ Vegeta vs Android 19 all over again. lol
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Is this really debatable, Freiza indeed is capable of fending off against 19... 
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