Alucard vs Vampire hunter D

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-Can D operate at hypersonic speed (Alucard caught bullet with his mouth which was hypersonic). 
-The same bullet was able to devastate SR-71 aka Blackbird which is actually tougher than ordinary jet fighter (can go into stratosphere so needs to be from taugher material) and he couldn't pierce Alucard's chick(only hurt his chick). So as you see Alucard is actually very durable, he only allow himself to be injured in order to downgrade opponent. And Alucard was in his standard red-Victorian coat and black suit form. 

- The standard weapons for killing vampires don't work for Alucard (heart stabbing and head cutting ). D is able to be killed and needs to cover himself with ground to regain his strength.  
- He has a greater strength than D by great amount I would say. 
- HIs total power is far greater than what D has shown. 
Those are only several reason for which I thinka Alucard takes this one (I'm to lazy right now to post other reasons, but if anyone insist I'll post them). 
I'm not great expert on D i only have moderate knowledge, but judge from what I've seen (including some of the best D's manga feats) I don't see how will he go past Alucard. At best I would put D on the same level as Jan Valentine who is << Alucard.
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@Danilo018 said:
" -Can D operate at hypersonic speed (Alucard caught bullet with his mouth which was hypersonic).    
Apparently D is able to react to lightning speeds.  
Novel D is >>>Manga D.
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@hitsusatsu11 said:
" @Danilo018 said:
" -Can D operate at hypersonic speed (Alucard caught bullet with his mouth which was hypersonic).    
Apparently D is able to react to lightning speeds.   Novel D is >>>Manga D. "

Yes I've checked his novel feats (the best of them) and I recall him being as powerfull as Luke. He is more powerfull but still I don't see how will he match Alucard. D's movement speed seems to be far slower than his reaction.
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Rezzing is bad. Also; 
Travel speed is irrlevant. Alucard is At best Super-Sonic. D's reaction is 1/2 lightspeed and above. 
Leave it alone. D has already won. He has every advanage in every category. He's more dangerous and frightening than an entity that's considered a universe-level threat.

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Alucard is actually hypersonic he catched
a hypersonic bullet with his teeth.
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Firing straight at a target that's heading for you does not make th bullet hypersonic. Also not since it tore through the jet multiple times before Alucard caught it, which further degenerates speed. So really you can't claim it was hypersonic. In either case it is also meaninless since hypsersonic does not remotely compare to the speed "D" has already demonstrated.

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@ReiKai said:

Firing straight at a target that's heading for you does not make th bullet hypersonic. Also not since it tore through the jet multiple times before Alucard caught it, which further degenerates speed. So really you can't claim it was hypersonic. In either case it is also meaninless since hypsersonic does not remotely compare to the speed "D" has already demonstrated.


Well we can't say that bullet was slowing down (there wasn't any indication of it) and as the matter of fact that is a magical bullet. Well I've done some research and I admit D is more powerfull than I though. Anyway i still don't see him beating Alucard. Alucard would simply go in his demonic - hundred eyes form and there really isn't anything that D could do to him - no matter for D's physical status.


As the matter of fact all indications are that Alucard is stronger than D (he riped apart super-vampire Tubalcain Alhambra's leg easily).


But can you tell me more about that Universal threat (is that Dracula ? ) that Vampire Hunter D verse has ?

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Alucard changing forms does not make him stronger. D has killed actual monsters of titanic size. Heck, D killed a being made entirely of Light Energy which was blasting him with radiation the entire time and burning away everything, and Light would very much destroy a Noble in most cases and very much weaken even a Dhampir. D's no exception to that rule, but he still kiled it with a single stroke of his sword.


And I'm speaking of the Destroyer Entity. Its existence threatened the universe. It's blasts were not limited to 100m, they were increasing in size and force the longer it was free and it would eventually obliterate everything in creation. Even while the Destroyer as trapped in an alternate dimension, there were an Infinite number of layered battlefields for it to destroy which as intended to keep it busy for eternity. It destroyed all of them in about a thousand years.


The Sacred Ancestor, aka the Great One (aka Dracula) is more like a God in the VHD series. He sealed a pathway across an alternate space conceale by an entire mountain range and the only way to open the path was for D to open a door within a dream world inside his head, a door which consisted of infinite mass, wide, depth and height. So, D absorbed and controlled all of the Life Energy within that realm, which affected even the Physical World around him, focused it all into the tip of his sword and opened the immovable door with a Sword Thrust. A door of infinite thickness and mass was forced a sword thrust. That' the kind of absurd power and skill D possesses.

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What version? 
Anime Alucard 
OVA/manga Alucard 
Movie/anime D 
Manga D 
Novel D 
Novel D can kill Anime Alucard without problems but manga alucard vs novel D then Alucard wins for sure and he kills manga D aswell but harder than anime D.
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D remembers Dracula telling him that "You are my only success." Like D, Dracula is portrayed as a mysterious and handsome young wanderer who deals out both life and death.but so you know D is the son of count dracula.. i go with D... i like the sword..
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There was no reason to bump this, at all. And if you'd read the OP you'd know what's being used. Novel D is the only canon version. Manga Alucard and Ultimate Anime Alucard are the same. Look, it's already over. D is vastly superior to Alucard in every way. I've already proven that D wins, so leave it all be.
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why don't you use the reply or quote button?!
anyway, I doupt anyone is going win this match, because if the way you described D's regen is true, and Alucard is alowed to be in that what-ever form, then there is no absolute choice. 
by K.O: Alu isn't touching D because of the speed(lightning reaction), D isn't touching him because of intangiblity due to omniprecensy. 
by kill: I doupt anyone is dying in this match.  
that's all there is to say, anything else is just fanboyism. 
 one thing left to do:
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@Rapest_of_super_heros said:
@Rich121 said:
   D cannot die unless you kill him and his hand "
sorry but I ROFLoled  on this so hard, I know what you were trying to say, but you phrased it in a funny way accidentally.
lmfao xD
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Anime version D would proabally lose but I think he would put up a fight but the novel version would curb stomp alucard

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Alucard can't do intangible and isn't indestructible. Even saying he could become intangible, "D" has already demonstrated the ability to strike and kill various beings who're intangible with various types of intangibility. And "D" has shown he can affect time, space and dimensions as well. (Broke a sealed dimension, created ruptures across all time/space as a side-effect)
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alucard is just so cool he is having so much fun and he dont even uses full power... or speed or anythig else in the anime you can read on his face that he likes to let himself destroyed just to make his enemyes think they`ve won:)) you coud really say he is a masochist he always asks for more injuries i think nothing can kill him moste of the time he is like " why shoud i hurry" and his smile/crazy smile is so superb btw @ReiKai in his fight against paladin anderson he was cut by holy silver blades his head was cut of his chest/heart was full of hole silver bayonetes:)) and anderson put a barier to stop his vampiric powers( make him weak)he "died" laughing like crazy:)) and after that reapeared like nothing happened dont forget to mention that in his fight with walter he was cut into pieces and still had that crazy smile on his face like he wanted that to happen as about D i simply dont like him... he has a bored hace...never smiles at least that`s what i saw in anime...and i ca compare his powers with alucard`s +alucard has his power restricted...lvl 2 restriction is awsome lvl 0 is epic

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The only way I see D having any problems with this is if this EOS Alucard, who "is everywhere and nowhere." Otherwise, D gots this in the bag.

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So I looked up D's powers on this one wiki site - 12,090 A.D.

Reality Altering Powers: D has either acquired new time/ space powers in the latest novels, or has just now been given a chance to use them. D can destroy wormholes with his sword, and create dimensional rifts with a cut, while in space and his lungs bursting from lack of oxygen. He can cut through the very fount of life, as well as the essence of death itself, as proven in his fight against the agents of paradise and the Death Knights. These reality warping powers stem from the fact that D Is unbound by fate/probability. In the latest novel, he was able to override the Akashic records, which contains the entire past, present, and future of the entire universe. Basically, D can warp reality around himself and his sword.

Listen, guys. I'm a die-hard Alucard fan, but this looks particularly grim for ol' Red Eyes. Piss D off enough, what's stopping him from going BACK in time to when Alucard/Dracula, Vlad, etc, etc, was still mortal - hell, back to when he was like, 8, and snapping the poor kid's neck like a twig.

Also, WAY back in the beginning of this thread, someone mentioned that D used a 'psychic wave' or something? This is ALSO VERY BAD NEWS for Ally. The Shrodinger's Cat thing only works so long as Alucard's self-aware. If D went 'Tetsuo' as it was explained, hijack'd Alucard's brainwaves, and decided he wanted to go all Inception-- all he'd have to do is convince Alucard that he simply does not exist. Considering D can tickle the testicles of time-space, cut freaking lightning as naturally as spreading jam across toast, and a horde of absurdly inexplicable powers, and so forth-- although Alucard may have resistance against psychic attack (more than likely), D would be walking up inside his brain easier than picking locks in Skyrim...with the skeleton key.

Honestly, I believe the only reason people are all hopped up on Alucard's Johnson is quite frankly...Alucard's savage and stylish in his ferocity. He'll stand there and grin while you beat him down, reform, then treat you like trash, look you in the eye, and tell you he slept with your mom. Then he'll probably eat your soul like he did the Dandy Man and Rip Van Winkle.

HOWEVER. While D can't or probably doesn't flood a street with hundreds upon hundreds of familiars, doesn't tote around the most badass handguns you could ever dream of owning, and doesn't rock an amazing red coat and glasses - or walk around surrounded in badass bitches, like Alucard does...from a purely technical standpoint...and from a real Alucard fan who's crying as he has to profess this unfathomnable truth to you folks...

D....WOULD beat Alucard. Homeboy cuts timespace like it's going out of style. Dude has access to technology Alucard's not even seen. Dude slices lightning. Deflects lasers. Moves at light-speed. Even without everything else, he moves fast enough that if he were bored and had nothing else better to do, he could just STAND there and confetti Alucard all day, erryday, until his hand got tired. Then he'd switch hands and dice that smirking bastard Alucard for another millennium or so. Ad nauseum. But given that Alucard simply has the ability to exist in multiple planes of reality simultaneously (I mean, really? That's it?)...D would be done with him before suppertime. Probably smoke a cig, practice his expressionless grimace in the mirror a few times, then know that it's all good in the hood.

I know it's hard to swallow guys. We all want to love Alucard, cause he's one bad mo'fo. But let's be real, people. He who controls time itself, has the biggest schvantz. Period.

BTW. I only signed up to respond to this thread. Whattup.

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Pre or post Schrodinger?

Pre, Alucard loses due to failing to have any weapon greater than his handguns and his hand to hand strength being building level, he doesn't touch a mountain.

Post Schrodinger comes to a draw. D has no way of dealing conceptual damage, and with Schrodinger's ability Alucard will only die if he accepts he's dead, and considering this is a serious fight, that will never happen.

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D with ease.

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