alucard vs akatsuki

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@Haofan123: The worse part is Pein can constantly resurrect his teammates whenever they die so killing them is completely useless, we can't forget Orochimaru.. If he gets a few volunteers from the Akatsuki he could resurrect the second and first. Orochimaru is ridiculously hax, even a halfway sealed could regenerate from a mountain busting beast bomb.

The same can be said for alucard. Hes pretty much immortal. As for oro reviving the kages, he owuld need more DNA from them to do that so he would require prep. And i wouldnt call narutos 4 tailed attack a mountain buster either. Its far from it

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Schrodinger Alucard is problem because we don't really know his power that last life can mean Schrodinger or his original one but yes that version win for sure. Dracula became Alucard after Hellsing experiments so his minimum power will be at Dawn one and difference between him and London don't change anything here. He is immune to illusions and have more than one willpower inside so Uchicha powers wont work here. I also don't think he can bypass pain gravity manipulation but i don't think it will hurt him that much and it wont kill him for sure, it also have long cooldown. Plus his ability to see magic can help him track Obito and that's bad news 4 Akatsuki team. Hidan will get Alucard blood to make ritual its sure like 2 + 2 but is he able to hurt him this way ? He can pirce heart or cut head but its nothing what we haven't seen already and it didn't impress Alucard before so it wont this time. Also since Alu can change own blood in army it can end end really bad for Hidan. If Alucard would die from poison then Mayor would use it. In this fight real deal are Pain who cant spam Shinra Tensei because its deadly for Obito . Kisame tides can be jumped and water lvl go down realy fast. Hidan is hard to kill but she also don't have anything what can hurt Alucard. Also each time any Akatsuki member die he add his powers to Alucard and its not good news for rest of them. I just don't see Akatsuki killing Alucard and first of them down( i put my money on Kakuzu) will make them fall like domino.

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Anyone forgetting about Alucard's Level Zero release allowing him to summon his millions of familiars to tear havoc on his foes? I don't think Akatsuki is capable of wiping out such numbers all at once.

Well, the thing about alucard is that he enjoys toying with his opponents. He wont release level 0 off the bat if at all during this fight. In addition to that he may need integras permission first. Since he wont use level 0 off the bat, the akatsuki can hold their ground and even if he did itachi could just seal him away or tobi could potentially just BFR the crazy bastard. this is provided that we are using pre schrodinger alucard at all since the OP decided to neglect to mention which version of him we are using

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Oh I forgot about Sword of Totsuka. Yes he will probably let Itachi use it.But will it really work? Im not sure Alucard can be drunk, and that seal is genjutsu. So it might work but it also might fail.

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one weapon: totska sword.

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@onnex: Don't take the line drunk seriously, it's simply a blade with sealing properties meaning Itachi basically casts his opponent in a different realm where they suffer through eternal illusions. And you're forgetting Pein can resurrect his allies whenever they die so as I said killing them is completely useless. Orochimaru with a little prep time could use his edos in the fight if he gets some volunteers, and I'm sure he'll have enough time while the Akatsuki are holding off Alucard. Pein and Oro are the only ones who are potential threats here as Pein has his paths and Itachi because of Susano'o. Itachi also has Amaterasu and a genjutsu like Izanami which I highly doubt he'll use unless it comes down to either dying or living... And current Sasuke is completely hax at the moment, he can spam an attack like amaterasu whenever he wants along with Susano'o.

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