Alucard (Hellsing) vs. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

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Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede

Both characters start a fight that will take place in two rounds.


1th round:

- It uses the standard versions of both characters

- The fight is to incapacitation.

2th round:

- Alucard in Schrödinger

- Vash the Stamped in EoS

- The fight is to the death

Both characters can use their weapons in the two rounds

Who win?

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Manga or anime Vash?

And for round two i assume Vash is EoS?

Also Alucard can't start Pre-Schrodinger and then reach it, he either is or he is not in that mode.

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Yes, both versions. So, Vash The Stampede in EoS. If you can not, then, only in Schödringer Alucard.

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Excuse me, I know vaguely both characters. Briefly I will change the OP.

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Scenario 1: Alucard. The vampire's been shown to shrug off large amounts of gunfire he gets sprayed with from enemies despite being reduced to gory goodness thus it would be very difficult to incapacitate him with normal means. He'd get joy out of toying with Vash's pacifism until the Humanoid Typhoon cowers in fear and passes out from his injuries that Alucard inflicts on him.

Scenario 2: Alucard again. Giving him Schrodinger is a bad move as it makes Alucard omnipresent and he can't be truly destroyed for as long as he believes himself to exist, meaning telepathy or a good level of hax would be needed to truly kill him off and that's something Vash lacks the means of in his arsenal.

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Just about to finish Trigun, but from what I know, Alucard either shoots him down or rips him apart in both scenarios. One problem is the great speed difference. Second is that Alucard has various hax abilities that will limit Vash's own capabilities. And the fact that Alucard can beat him in several ways.

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Man that reminds me, I need to finish up Trigun Maximum.

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