Alright, so i saw this thing on fb.. about goku and superman..

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Why are you posting this here? Superman (old school) have feats better then Goku, that why he win. In the new 52, Goku can beat Superman (since Superman don't have any good feats) So please, don't make the Superman Vs Goku threads, they just could problems

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@OmegaDynasty said:

New 52 Superman vs Goku= Goku beats the new Superman, he hasn't been shown to be a strong as his predecessors.

?? He lifted the equivalent of Earth for 5 days straight. Goku's not doing ANYTHING close to that.

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They ruined the new Supes by making him just as strong as the old pre-reboot Supes. Making Supes more humaine is what made him more interesting.

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Superman only lifting 100 tons is dead wrong, which makes the entire thread useless sorry.
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