Alkanphel vs HST

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The commander-in-chief of Chronos, the Supreme Overlord of Chronos' Council of Twelve, and a Demi-God vs The Holy Shonen Trinity.

Alkanphel, like all Zoalords, is capable of flight, projection of radiant energy for both defence and attack, barrier shields that can withstand a great deal of punishment, manipulation of the force of gravity, and transformation into a more powerful "battleform" that enhances his standard set of powers, as well as - possibly, but unsubstantiated as yet - granting him access to the powers possessed by the rest of the Council. Alkanphel's power was great enough that he was capable of returning from the event horizon of a black hole.

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Are you implying that every character in the vicinity of that fight in the first video was mftl? If not that wasn't a black hole. If so then you're obviously wrong.

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@CerusSerenade: I'm not implying that the characters are MFTL. It was a quasi-blackhole created by Richard Guyot.

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@Alkanphel: Then that black hole feat is a massive hyperbole. It's building level considering that the building was the only thing harmed by that "black hole" in that fight.

HST stomps.

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@Alkanphel: Welcome to Anime Vice. Next time you make a match in it, it would be a good idea to know what is allowed in this forum via the Battle Forums Rules thread as we don't allow "verse vs individual" style matches.

Banned Battle Threads/ Characters

Due to specific types of characters and matches having potential to derail match discussion or potential to spark flame wars, they are banned from being posted and will be locked on sight. Here are the types of matches and characters not allowed to be posted in the Battle forum:

  • Superman Family vs DBZU characters at any level.
  • Battle threads involving any godlike or near-godlike being from any form of media. What I mean by this is characters that are fully omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (existing in all planes of reality within their title) or are close to all of these levels with some form of limitation that prevents them from gaining perfect status in all three. Characters that fulfill only one or two of these requirements in perfect or near-perfect status like abstracts or high-level reality warpers don't technically fall under any form of godlike status and thus are not banned.
  • Battle threads featuring characters with toonforcing. If the character only makes use of toonforcing for a small number of abilities and feats, then only their feats with the ability are banned and shouldn't be factored in for a match.
  • A whole Universe vs one of more character threads.
  • Universe vs Universe threads
  • Fan-Fic Character battle threads (Ex: Made up fusion characters, and characters that have no legitimate feats in officially licensed Anime/Manga material.)
  • Vote Battle Threads.
  • Battle threads containing more than one match posted in the opening post.

Since this thread violates the rules, I'm gonna have to lock this one up.

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